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Reasons to Stop Listing Google Plus in your Sharing Buttons!

stop google plus
stop google plus
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The once active social networking platform, Google Plus powered by the internet giants Google used to play host to numerous interest groups has been shut down but not too many people have taken notes to stop displaying them among their sharing buttons. I wonder why!

Google Plus – The Start and the End!
google plus discontinued
Stop Google Plus

Google Plus (Google+) was an Internet-based social network owned and operated by Google. The network was launched on June 28, 2011 in the attempt to challenge other social networks and for a time linked other Google products like Blogger and YouTube. 


It is quite surprising how many mainstream websites and blogs have not taken the time off their busy schedules to uncheck the service from the list of sharing buttons on their pages and posts.

The owners issued a memo for discontinuation of the service starting March 7, 2019 and a complete Shut Down to both businesses and consumers was done on 2nd April 2019, but it seems most folks haven’t gotten the notice.

Dear webmaster/blogger, why are you still listing it?

Dear Reader, why are you still clicking/tapping on the icon to share?

Here are 2 Reasons you Should Stop Listing the Service Now, and please, stop tapping or clicking it!

Security of your Visitor’s Data?

Google in their notice to all users of the Google Plus platform stated categorically that the main reason for their discontinuation of the service aside the low usage was because of the known software design flaws that allowed outside developers access to personal information of the users.

If this is not scary enough for you as a webmaster/blogger, note that readers’ vital information as well as their privacy has been entrusted in the your hands for which you ought to handle it with utmost care.

Sharing into Emptiness

What is the point of sharing data when there is no one to read? Google notified users that personal and business/brand profiles were as at 2nd April, 2019 deleted from the platform and moved into the personal archives of the respective owners. Therefore, including the button on your posts or pages is just not ideal, even a 404 page showing emptiness is far better.

google plus 404
Stop Google Plus

Dear reader, aside the potential security concerns please don’t waste your time clicking or tapping on that button because there is no one “home”!

I hope these reasons compel you to get to the backend of your website/blog to make the necessary changes and placing the security of your readers’ data as a priority. This is for the safety of your brand’s public image as well as providing a landing page that is safe for your users and potential leads for conversions.

As a visitor to a website/blog, please desist from using the Google Plus button in your own interest.

Share your thoughts with us and let us know which of the numerous social platforms is out of vogue and possess a security threat to users’ data.

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