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Spoiler: Men Have All The Time In The World

Men Have All The Time In The World
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When I talk to the ladies at work about marriage, most want it as soon as possible. When I ask the guys. They say it’s not top priority. The priority is making money. There seems to be a disconnect of wants. Men have all the time in the world.


Men Have All The Time In The World

Its almost like men don’t have to sacrifice anything. At 40, he’s close to senior management so he’s making real money, will attract a lot of women. When guys see a rich 40 year old woman, the first thought is sugar mummy.

Hardly wife.

Men Have All The Time In The World
Men Have All The Time In The World

Seems like women can’t have it both ways for the most part, not due to anything they did. Just unfair nature. There’s always a clock tickling. It seems like she has to choose which one? How can we help mitigate this? Because I’m not going to suggest anything unnatural.

I think work life balance should be advocated and strictly adhered to by organisations. Because a woman who works 8-9. Has professional exams to prepare for on weekends. How does she get time to date and put work into anything that’s not her work.

Men Have All The Time In The World

Women shouldn’t have to pick between money and love. Men certainly don’t. But when a woman spends all her time making money most of the guys she deems fit for her (because women rarely go for less) are guys who don’t have a problem bankrolling a relationship and would want her to choose between spending all her time at work or being available every time he has some free time.

I don’t know where this write up is going, as it is I’m walking on egg shells and I’m very mindful of that.

Maybe we can all have a 4 days working week too.

Men Have All The Time In The World
Men Have All The Time In The World

The extra day will be dedicated to personal stuff. It’s bed time. Ciao, tired of writing and deleting because these words will not change anything. As it is, some people already found something to be offended by in this, the longer i go on, the more material i give them.

Maybe if we can talk things out without being wary of offending each other, we can come to some kind of useful conclusion through dialogue. But that’s never going to happen.

Lets all sing kumbaya and force stuff down each other’s throat.

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