Great Marketing

3 Examples Of Great Marketing

Marketing is the process of getting potential clients or customers interested in your products and services.
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Social Media

What Social Media Marketing Can and Can’t Do For You.

Social media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools for businesses. However, you need to know what you...
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Social Media Pages

How To Make Your Social Media Pages Shine

Do you want to turn your social media pages into an effective marketing tool that will help build your brand,...
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Time Is Money

20 Things That Waste Time During The Day

1. Not Planning Your Meals It takes time choosing what to eat and ensuring you have the right ingredients in...
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5 Important Career Questions That Is Worth Asking Yourself

The first question you should ask is what's the difference between a career and a job? A career is something...
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Creative Talent

Make Money With Your Creative Talent

A lot of people have creative talents that they do not even realize are talents or that they can get...
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10 Reasons Why Most People Will Not Become Millionaires?

Part of the Ghanaian dream is that anyone can bootstrap their way to riches. Given enough time, hard work, and...
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What Comes First In Entrepreneurship; The Passion Or The Idea?

“All great businesses start with a great idea.” “Just follow your passion and success will come.” These two sentiments sound...
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The Story Behind The Logos Of Some Of The World’s Biggest Brands.

Let's do a little bit of learning together this morning. I'll be taking us through the story behind the logos...
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8 Efficient Ways Of Building a Loyal Base Of Clients

It costs considerably more to get a new customer than to maintain a loyal one, so customer retention must be...
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social media

Social Media Stats for Africa; July 2019-Impact on African Businesses

Social Media Stats has become a greatly sort after data for brands and business over the years and this is...
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How To Get Your Instagram Account Verified Using The Mobile App

Any user can apply to get "verified" on Instagram now, but that doesn't mean the coveted blue checkmark can be...
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