How do I List My Business on Google My Business?

This is the era of making money on the internet, your business should not be left out when there is...
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Entrepreneurship Life

Entrepreneurship Life Is Not For Everyone, Do You Agree & Why?

Why is the lion considered the King of the Jungle? He’s not the tallest… Giraffes are taller. He’s not the...
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Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution 2.0

Dear Young Professionals, Gather, grab a seat. Let us talk about ‘Conflict Resolution’ today. CONFLICT RESOLUTION Gbos gbas gbos can...
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How do you make an Online Presence for your Local Business?

Dear AFROSAGES, I want to know how to make an online presence for my local business?I have been running a...
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What Are KOLs & Why They’re Key To Marketing Strategy

Every marketer, at a point may have heard the term 'influencer' before. But what about key opinion leaders, or KOLs...
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Free Advertising

12 Ways to Get Free Advertising for Your Business

There are a lot of free ways to supplement your paid advertising efforts. By integrating free advertising tactics into your...
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Instagram Followers

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers

It may seem tempting to pay for your first couple of thousands followers, whether you are trying to become a...
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Facebook or LinkedIn

Which Is Best for Business – Facebook or LinkedIn?

The struggle is real when deciding which social media medium you should use for your business. Questions like "Where do...
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Digital Media

5 Important Tips To Create A Functioning Digital Media Strategy

Digital Media Marketing has grown to become the new phase of Brand Marketing so much that a successful Digital Media...
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15 Wild Google Sites for Business and Personal Use

This is about Google, the internet giants and even though you might be surprised at the existence of the below...
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facebook likes increase

How Do I Grow My Facebook Business Page Organically?

Hi AFROSAGES, I am into the food service business and started my Facebook Business Page in October 2016 as my...
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Marketing Stack

Digital Marketers, What’s Your Marketing Stack?

There is no such thing as a universal marketing stack. Marketing is a broad term and a set of tech...
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