Social Media Stats for Africa; July 2019-Impact on African Businesses


Social Media Stats has become a greatly sort after data for brands and business over the years and this is due to the fact that the conversation has being online and less in the brick and mortar spaces over analogue tech.

Understanding social media stats and its impact on businesses, particularly on the African Continent where there is an increasing trend in usage numbers is key for their growth and profitability.

AFROSAGES collates data from some notable authorities, and makes sense of the impact of the trends on the African business owner with suggestions on how to take advantage of the opportunities.

Global Social Media Stats

Several Data Heavy Weights have simplified the data based on key impact drivers led by the 73% of markets believing in the power of social media to drive brand/business growth and profitability. Worthy of note is that the usage is driven by over 90% of Millenials, 77.5.% of Gen X and about 48% of Baby Boomers.

As of the end July 2019, there are 3.5bn users on Social Media with Facebook as the leading platform with a little over 72% as its sister platform Instagram controls a minimal 1.72% which is a just a percentage point above the pro-Russian Vkontakte.
Pinterest still leads with the host of images posts and the conversation thread platform Twitter is loosing steam over the past year.

Social Media Stats for Africa; July 2019-Impact on African Businesses 3
Social Media Worldwide Stats. Credit:

There is more engagement and drive towards Instagram owing to the amazing content areas for videos in IGTV and Insta Stories. Youtube though is moving in a downward trend as compared to July 2018, close to 30 minutes is spend an average user on the platform. These gives credence to the fact that video is fast becoming the future.

Social Media Stats for Africa – July 2019
Social Media Stats for Africa; July 2019-Impact on African Businesses 4
Social Media Africa Stats. Credit:

The stats of Africans usage of social media takes quite some major shits from the global trends and perhaps this is what holds the opportunities for brands and business to grow and profit.

Over 67% of Africa’s Social Media users spend a good time on Facebook whiles a close to a fifth of them spend time on YouTube which is far higher than the global averages. Surprisingly Pinterest and Twitter numbers are also far higher than the global averages. The low figures for Instagram is where the opportunities lie.

However, these are the global trends in terms of content consumption.

social media

Africa is seen in a separate report by GlobalWebIndex to spend over 3 hours daily on social media against a global average of 2 hours.

Recent data on internet penetration shows Africa with 40% over the world’s average of 61% however its notable that as at December 2018, there are about 139mln African on Facebook alone. A whooping 98% of these are on mobile. Interestingly of the 40% internet users in Africa, 98% of them are on Social Media.

Impact on African Businesses

Africa is still growing though not at a fast pace as the trends from 2016 to 2018 but there is a significant growth and new platforms are being tried. Twitter and Instagram have are seen to be gaining share from Facebook usages whiles majority of users are trooping to YouTube to watch videos.

social media instagram

This clearly shows the huge potentials for videos and also doing business on Instagram over the native Facebook Groups, Pages and Timelines.

There is no doubt that the African is now streaming more music on the digital platfroms, running search for products and services on these social media platforms, running challenges and contests.

There is no doubt that the global slow growth of Facebook is evident in the African space as well. However, the African social media space in now growing into businesses exploring Instagram for new product and service releases in pictures, short videos and stories whiles others are on the quest to find new spaces to post their cool pictures and videos.

There is also an extensive usage of YouTube to showcase visuals for products and services as well as entertainment vlogs putting out daily reviews and sharing their opinion on issues.


The question we asked is whether you are prepared to seize the power of social media and its eminent growth to also grow your business? Want to know how to turn your brand/business around for growth and profitability? Reach out to us with the chat box on this page!

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