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Social Media Post Frequency: Relevant?

social media post frequency
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How often should businesses post on social media is one of the most frequently asked questions?

The brief answer: Social media success is not a magic formula. How often you post will depend on your audience’s platforms, schedules and the content you post.

It doesn’t matter if you posting irrelevant once a day or thousands it won’t make a difference! But there are plenty of ways to create content that’s not boring.

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You probably did not read this article to say “it depends,” though, so we did some research to find out how often you should post on each of your social media platforms a week or a day by average.

How Often Should You Post On Instagram?

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The general consensus appears to be once a day. Some studies show that you can even increase your number by up to 56 percent every day by posting! Based on several studies, how often you post your information on Instagram does not affect your content visibility. Consistency does, however.

You start losing followers and generating less engagement per post if you have the habit of posting several times a day and then transition to just a few times a week.

Instagram Stories is really important. Insta Stories can boost engagement. Post as few or as many Insta Stories as you want, but remember that stories can be muted and people will probably get sick of them if you spam your audience!

How Often Should You Post On Facebook?


Facebook reach these days is considerably low. Remember, it matters what kind of content you post. Posting a video or live video, for example, will have far more effect than posting a link to an article you have written. Success on Facebook isn’t impossible, great content is key!

Every day or not! You might be able to get away with posting twice a day when you have a large Facebook audience. However, posting more than twice a day does not contribute to the success of social media.

How Often Should You Post on Twitter?

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A tweet’s average lifespan is just 18 minutes! Therefore, at least 10 or more tweets must be posted daily to ensure the greatest extent possible. However, do not tweet for the sake of it if you have nothing of interest to say.

Remember, not everything you post on Twitter has to be your own content. You can post useful articles, videos and tips from industry influencers or publications.

How Often Should You Post On LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn recommends that you post on the platform every working day. We would say that post at least three times a week and just a few times a day!

The power to sell socially is not underestimated. Social sales is a means of generating leads and enhancing long-term sales. In particular, social media is used for engagement and potential prospects are found there.

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