Social Media Marketing Strategy: How To Get Started


Do you need a Social Media Marketing Strategy for your Business? Yes, and you don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that social media has become an important and necessary strategy within most digital marketing space. Social media helps build brand awareness and also provides a platform for brands to engage with their audience outside their company.

Creating a social media marketing strategy will help you think critically about your goals and strategies, how to execute those strategies and how to measure success.

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Vital Questions about your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Just ask yourself the following questions when you want to get started;

1.   What do I want my followers to know about my brand?

2.   What are followers’ pain points?

3.   What type of content do my followers consume on social?

4.   What social media platforms do my followers use?

5.   What kind of results do I want? (Increased social traffic, more followers?)

6.   How will I measure effectiveness or results? (Engagement metrics or Social traffic to my website?)

Consider the below strategies;

High- Quality Content

Post high-quality content and which offers value or insight on your social media platforms. Go through previous posts and gauge the value you’re offering your audience. If they’re boring and generic with no calls to action that drive activity, you’re missing out on potential conversions and ROI.

Personalized Content

It’s best to start with content that offers value for free. Beyond analytics, ask your audience what they want to see more of. Most social platforms allow you to set up polls and surveys so that your followers can answer questions or vote on a topic. This gives you insight into what they want more of so you can grow your following effectively while keeping your current followers happy and intrigued.

Connect with us by sharing your concerns in the comments section to let us know how to get you started on a strategy that delivers growth and profits.

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