Social Media Marketing Is No Longer Enough for Your Business


Have you noticed that the use of Facebook marketing and advertising in general is declining? Of course, it is still being used, but it is becoming harder, harder and more expensive. Twitter is also on the decline.

More and more people are looking at LinkedIn, Instagram is way up – especially Instagram stories. YouTube is “the place” for long form video.

How do we market in 2019 and beyond.

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Before we get to social media, here’s four things you MUST do.

1. Have a great website. Your website is the core of your digital marketing foundation. It’s where people can easily go to find information about YOU and YOUR business. Your website should be mobile friendly.

2. Domain name. A domain name is very important. Have a professional domain name like and also have a professional email address.

3. Blog – Blogging about your business is so important, your customers get to know more about what you do and the services you render. You can setup a WordPress powered blog, or even blog on Medium or LinkedIn.

4. Email newsletter – building and having a great email list is a gold mine.  You should have your own database of customers and fans to regularly send an email to.

Advertise Your Business
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There’s another significant thing once you get these stuff right;

The Power of Marketing Automation and CRM.

CRM is the component to help you know who your customers (and fans) are, what they bought and etc. Invest in CRM software to segment your clients and prospective clients, and to teach them via your sales funnel.

Social Media.

The key for social content is to offer your community’s content or information they want and need. Create your brand in their minds and lead them to do more with you until they buy.

This is the power of social media.

People LOVE content. Share content, content that are visually appealing.

Remember video is powerful, so you should be sharing videos on your social media platforms. You should also consider advertising on YouTube, especially if you’re finding success with Google Adwords marketing.

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You can use hundreds of excellent tools to help you create, publish and manage your content. However, you can use some very SIMPLE strategies to build your brand online and drive your sales.

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