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Interested In Learning Design Thinking? 10 Resources For You

Design thinking is a human-centred approach to innovation and idea creation. You can use design thinking to identify new product and service opportunities and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Here are some resources if you are interested in LEARNING DESIGN THINKING 1. STOP TALKING, START MAKING: A GUIDE TO DESIGN THINKING This guide provides an overview […]

How Do You Create An Instantly Recognizable Brand?

A brand is always instantly recognizable — by definition, a brand is a shortcut in your customers’ heads. This shortcut is triggered by a brand name, a logo, or any other element of the brand’s identity. What you’re really asking is “How do you create a brand that is instantly recognizable by millions of people?” […]

What Do People Misunderstand About Going Incognito Mode in Google Chrome?

Many people think that while using Incognito Mode their online privacy is protected, however, they are completely wrong. You think you can’t be seen because you have blinders on, but guess what — we can all see your activity online. INCOGNITO MODE Unfortunately, the reality is that Incognito mode is far from being a solution protecting your […]

5 Reasons Doing Marketing Online With a Funnel Strategy Is Still Valid

My good friend Sefa asked me if marketing online with a sales funnel is still valid as of today. And these are the 5 reasons i believe its still valid. MARKETING ONLINE WITH A SALES FUNNEL 1. Consumers Are Sophisticated Consumers are more sophisticated than ever before. They do their homework. The take the time […]

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing; Which Is More Effective

Digital Marketing can be considered as a more advanced and evolved form of traditional marketing. While traditional marketing banked on mainly print medium to promote a brand or company, digital marketing gives prominence to digital medium which involves bringing information right to customers’ fingertips or mobile screens. WHY IS DIGITAL MARKETING DONE? Now, to your […]

12 Startups Looking To Fill Vacancies & Offering Visa Sponsorship

Here is a list of startups looking to fill vacancies and offering Visa sponsorship. Check and see if you you have what it takes, your next job might be waiting for you. STARTUPS 1. Amsterdam – Full-Stack Software Engineer with WorldCover (€50k – €80k and 0.0% – 0.2% equity) –Full-Stack Software Engineer at WorldCoverWorldCover is […]

Social Media Marketing Is No Longer Enough for Your Business

Have you noticed that the use of Facebook marketing and advertising in general is declining? Of course, it is still being used, but it is becoming harder, harder and more expensive. Twitter is also on the decline. More and more people are looking at LinkedIn, Instagram is way up – especially Instagram stories. YouTube is […]

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