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Social Media 101 – Disagree To Agree

Social Media 101
Photo by Angelo Moleele on Unsplash

Disagreeing with people on principle without making them enemies. I suspect that if someone writes a book on that, they will be millionaires. There’s this social media illusion that you have to agree with people to be friends with them.


The hallmark of a healthy friendship is the ability to disagree on issues healthily. People need that. There should be no pressure to have to agree with someone or you can’t be cool with them. That’s absolutely BS.

Lol, think about it. There are actually people enraged about some of your smaller personal preferences. You shouldn’t feel guilty. In fact you need to shout it in their faces. You’re a sum total of your choices and preferences.

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Personally, I don’t hide what I believe in. I will tell you, if we don’t agree, I don’t hold it against you. I assume we will agree on other things. I’m probably ( actually never ) going to change it if you don’t like it though.

I remember one time someone tried to shame me for being broke because I prefer Android. My reaction was to ramp up my android propaganda. You see, when people try to shame you, show them how stupid they are.

Social Media 101
Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

Lol I had just paid for a wedding and some ass-hole was trying to laugh at me for using Samsung. Oddly enough I had an iPhone at the time. ( I hate them so I never use it) but it just goes to show how people think. If you let them though.

Bottom line is, when you sign up to relate with people you implicitly accept their terms, conditions and odd little quirks. If you’re not comfortable, you fade.

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Social media 101. Don’t let people with self esteem issues try to shame you for things you like. What they’re doing is projection. Confident people don’t look at those things. They relate with you on bigger issues. Don’t fall for that useless gimmick. Be yourself and own it.

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