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Small Business Mentor – 5 Benefits Of Having One

Only a business mentor can truly share wisdom with you on an ongoing basis, and in a manner that can have a direct, positive impact on the growth of your business over time.

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you have a lot on your plate. And whether you’re busy trying to establish your business or developing a growth strategy for your existing operation, it can be valuable to get an expert opinion from a mentor.

Business Mentor
Mentorship. ( Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash )

The generic business advice you’ll get from online publications will only go so far, and a good business mentor picks up right where that leaves off.


A business mentor is someone with more business experience than you who serves as a trusted confidant over a long period of time, usually for free.

They’ve “Been There and Done That” 

The most obvious benefit of finding a business mentor is that you can learn from their previous mistakes and successes.

Your mentor’s role is to share with you lessons from their experience in the hopes that you can learn them quickly and easily.

The insight that business mentors can provide because of what they’ve been through with their business ventures, and over time, is tremendously valuable from a practical standpoint.

Expand Your Social Network

With all that experience likely comes a vast network of industry connections. Your mentor can help open doors so you can meet people, potential partners, customers and decision-makers in your target market.

And they will be far more willing to open that network up to you than some casual acquaintance from a networking meeting.

A Different Perspective

Everybody needs a good reliable sounding board, second opinion, and sometimes just emotional support when the times get tough (and they will).

Consulting with a business mentor can be a great way to gain a different, fresh perspective. 

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A Trusted, Long-Term Relationship.

Your mentor has no ulterior motive; no service or product to sell you. That, combined with their experience and other qualities, creates a good foundation for trust.

And as the relationship develops over time, that trust can grow even stronger.

Skill Development

If you find that you’re struggling with a particular task in your start-up activities or are facing an issue with employees, bookkeeping, etc. in your existing business – a mentor can help.

Business mentors have a particular area of advanced skills, so you can further your technical abilities while you gather bigger-picture insight.


The rewards of having a business mentor can be great and the risk is non-existent. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by finding a good mentor. Every entrepreneur should have one.

Do you have a business mentor? Tell us about how he/she has helped you in your business dealings.

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