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Simple Steps To Increase Facebook Reach

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Getting to a much more bigger reach on Facebook is the biggest headache for most businesses. Facebook Reach is basically the number of people seeing your Facebook post. Have you noticed a decline in your Facebook organic reach lately? Looking for ways to more effectively reach your audience?

With the recent changes to Facebook’s news feed algorithm, businesses are facing increased competition to get their content in front of their followers.

Here are some few steps that will make you grow your Facebook Reach organically.

  1. Evergreen Content – Fresh, useful and timeless are the key determinants of the lifespan of a Facebook post in a News Feed. This leads to more likes, comments and shares.
facebook content reach

After 18 hours, this post shows up on a user’s timeline because one of her friends like it. Old posts can show up in your feed if your friends like, comment and share.

2. Increase Engagement – The rule is, if lots of people are showing interest in your post, then more people will be interested. One factor Facebook uses to decide whether to display posts to a user, is how engaged they have been with your previous posts. One way of encouraging engagement is by asking questions. Ask people to engage.

3. Use Organic Post Targeting – Do you know that targeting isn’t limited to Facebook Ads? You can even target your organic posts on Facebook. This enables you to deliver your content to the audience most likely to engage with it.

facebook reach targeting

4. Post At Off-Peak Hours – It’s simple; post when your competitors are asleep. When you post during times when fewer people are sharing content on Facebook, the chances of getting noticed are higher. There are so many studies on the best posting time on Facebook to boost post engagement but the best to post on Facebook is 3pm.

right time for right reach on facebook

Go to your Facebook Insights to check out when your fans are logged into the network. Then choose the hours when the majority of your fans are online and your competitors aren’t posting.

monitoring your facebook reach

4. Use Video Posts – Have you noticed that more and more videos appearing in your Facebook timeline? Since June 2014, Facebook has averaged over 1 billion video views every day. As a result, Facebook tends to favor direct video uploads over videos embedded from YouTube and other third party video sites and also started favoring video updates causing businesses to use more video blog post content.


5. Turn On Notification – Another way to increase engagement is by requesting that your followers go to your Facebook page and click on “Get Notification.” This will ensure that the follower gets notified of your every Facebook update. Sequentially, you’ll also find an increase in your page’s organic reach.

6. Use Facebook Live – Using Live video can give you a much larger reach. Facebook will notify your audience that you are live. People can watch your broadcast while you are live. And the session of your Live broadcast will also appear in timelines. It’s much easier and cheaper than creating and editing a video. And, you’ll get in front of more people too!

facebook live reach

7. Promote – Promoting a post for as little as $1 per day, you can reach a wider audience to see your page posts. This could be people who like your page already, people who like your page and their friends, or people you choose through targeting options. The rule is simple, the more you pay, the more reach and engagement you get.

Try these few steps and see your reach and engagement increase and give us your review in the comments section.

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