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Signs Say You Dey Date The Wrong Person

You dey relationship inside plus the right person or wrong person? Sometimes, the answer give your question dey this write up inside.

DEM DEY LACK FOR TOO MANY AREAS – Of course perfection be really scarce wey this dey suggest say something dey your lover ein body you dey feel waa.

But if the list of the things you want make your partner change long like from Accra go Sandema, then the possibility say so so fighting , complaints then discontent go dey your relationship inside.

UNFAVORABLE COMPARISON TO YOUR EX – If you dey compare your lover plus your ex, after you guys dey date for months, then e fit be say you dey date the wrong person.

Comparing dier e fit come small, but the problem be say if your present partner no dey match your ex ein standard.

I mean, reason dey why you then your ex break up, plus if your current partner ein standard be actually lower pass your ex, what e dey mean?

Also this fit be big sign say you still dey feel your ex.

YOUR FAMILY THEN PADDIES NO DEY LIKE AM – This side make nyamaa small. People dema opinion on who you make you date or make you no date no really dey matter if e be say dem just dey hate.

However, of everybody no dey like am, I mean your family plus your paddies, then e fit be say that person be wrong give you.

BREAKING UP PLUS THEM NO REALLY DEY SCARE YOU – You dey feel like you just go be okay if you dey plus am or not. You no dey bother if you guys break up. That for tell you something.

Share your experience with us in the comment section below. Are you with the right or wrong person?

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