Side Boy – Edey Beee Keke


As the #SexForGrades expose drop, we see one professor wey won be side boy give one student. Make a tell you, if you know how side boy dey jorm ehr, you never go target Main Man.

Side Boy be a female ein plan B. You be the go-to-guy in case of emergency (relationship emergency).

Side Boy, your purpose be simple; eat and be eaten. You go get main privileges then main treatment. If main dey mess up ahh, you be the comforter,the shoulder wey she go cry on, the person she fit talk to without being judged.

Sometimes you for show small love then affection. You fit surprise am plus some gift,that go put pressure for main ein top indirectly,but you,you score extra points so that gbeke, more styles give you.


Main guy dey spend money most of the time, you the side boy, you be there for the fun. Mind you, you fit be side boy give more than one girl sake of no be all the time the girl go dey.

If you be hard guy wey you fit finesse girls ah, you go take full advantage say you be side guy. You fit be side guy give plenty girlies. If your stroke game dey on point, you fit have Mary on Monday, Aisha on Tuesday, Mercy on Wednesday, Adjoa on Thursday, Afi on Friday and Adjeley on Saturday.

side boy
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Obviously you for take Sunday off so say you go restore factory settings wey e san be Sabbath wey the Lord talk say “And on the 7th day I rested.”

If you be side boy, you be incognito. You never for worry say dem go barb you plus another girl sake of she dey worry about the same thing plus her man. 

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As you dey enjoy all these mind you say e get disadvantages too. The girl you dey play side give no be your own. If you go Instagram wey you see ein picture plus ein boy for Accra Mall dey chop ice cream then love, you never for be jealous.

Side Boy
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay 

If you start dey fall give her, you break the side guy rule. Sometimes she dey like you but she dey love ein boyfriend. Side guy no really be that good, especially if you start dey catch feelings wey you wake up then see say ebe flame keke.

The game dey sweet till ein boy catch you. You fit chop beatings, or dem fit bath you plus acid or dem fit kill you in extreme cases. So you for be very careful.

You for also remember say she never go fit for your schedule inside sake of she always dey plus ein boyfriend for booty call hours (unless ebe long distance), so you always for fit into ein mmom ein schedule. That just be another common side guy sacrifice.


Side guy get ein ups and downs, wey chances be say as an average male you go experience this at least once for your life inside. Ebe dope experience a no go lie you.

A hope say this article go help you for your next Mission Impossible adventure plus a girl wey dey cheat.

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