ShoeLace Is Google’s New Social Network App


Google is running an invitation-only test of Shoelace, it’s new social network app to rival Facebook after the shut down of Google+.

Google ShoeLace
Google’s new app (Credit: Mobilesyrup)

Google’s in-house incubator, Area 120, designed Shoelace, a new social networking app that connects people who share common interests and activities.

The app is currently in an invite-only test in NYC.

Google recently retired Google+ social network after several years of operations. Shoelace will be Google’s fifth attempt to succeed in social space after their failed attempts with Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect, and Google+; the latter was discontinued in April 2019.

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This social interaction platform differs from the standard social media platform, in that it allows you to meet like-minded people online, and encourages you to go on to develop real-life friendships.


To sign in to the Shoelace account, you must have an active Google account with either Android devices of Version 8.0 or newer and iOS version 11.0 or newer.

Once you will install the app, it will ask you to join a community with proper verification to ensure the safety of the users that with whom they are going to interact is trustworthy and not fake! And if you find something fishy about a profile or loop, then report it on the app and the company will fix it. 

You will be able to search by interest and Shoelace will off the ability to do things with people in your immediate area who share the same common interests.

Events and activities are called Loops, and users are invited to organise and participate in Loops. Think of Loops as the equivalent of Facebook Events. It also gives you the opportunity to explore a new city or meet new people.

It takes the concept one step further by encouraging and facilitating real-world connections in our digital age. Shoelace is launching on a smaller scale in order to keep that personal touch.

The new network is open on an invite-only basis. In addition, Google and Shoelace partnered with few communities from where you can get codes to sign up to the platform.

Can Google breakthrough this time around? Tell us what you think about this new app in the comment section below.

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Source: Google.

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