Revenge Sex

She Begged Me For Revenge Sex

I have a female friend who was suddenly dumped by her husband after he found a younger model and decided to divorce his long-time wife. She was understandably heart-broken and hurt at first, but then she got angry and wanted revenge sex.


She asked me to help her move some furniture around because movers were coming to pick up “his” stuff he wanted to have as part of the divorce agreement. She wanted to put it all in the living room so her stuff wouldn’t get mixed in or damaged by the movers.

I agreed to come over and help her out. We relocated everything of his to the living room (except his golf cart, it remained in the garage) and we moved all of her stuff to other rooms.

Afterwards, we were sitting down, resting from all the work and chatting. She’d been voicing her emotions all day, which I’d anticipated and was fine with; figuring it was part of the healing process, better to let it all out instead of keeping all that pain repressed. It was then her revenge plot was revealed.

“Would you be willing to help me get back at him?” She asked, “I’ve been feeling like I need to do something to get some of my pride back.”

I didn’t know what to say, but her request wasn’t really a complete surprise to me, as I’d been listening to her anger all day. So I agreed, without know what her plans were.

She announced, “I want you to fuck me on all of his things, so when he gets them back and uses it all, he won’t know what we did, but I will!”

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I was totally shocked, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t turned on at the same time. Her husband was one of those “Country Club” types, who inherited wealth and now has a bunch of possessions, which he LOVES to flaunt. He’s really a snob, who thinks he’s better than everyone else.

Unintentionally, while I was contemplating her request, I’d turned my head and was looking out across the golf course behind their home. My mind was racing with her idea. So I was unaware she’d removed most of her clothes and was continuing to strip naked. I was trapped! If I said, “No” it would crush what was left of her self-esteem. I couldn’t say a word.

She walked over and held out her hand, “Come on, let’s get a shower and clean up before be get started.” She looked amazing, her figure was very nice, not a Barbie, but I’m certainly not Ken! So I took her hand and she led me upstairs to the master bedroom. “Get naked,” she said, as she walked into the bathroom. She was turning on the water in the shower stall while I did as she’d asked. Then she called out from the bathroom, “Come on in, the water’s fine!”

I joined her in the shower, and we washed the sweat from each other’s bodies after moving all that furniture. It was every bit as erotic as you can imagine. After she’d turned off the water, she grabbed me and hugged me tightly to her wet, naked body and said “Thank you for agreeing to help me!” She stood on her tiptoes and kissed me, our tongues briefly touching.

Then she turned and grabbed a couple of fluffy towels. “We’ll have to come back for another shower after we’re finished with the next phase!” She giggled, it seemed as if it was involuntary. “Let’s go!” she said, and she ran out of the bathroom, through the bedroom and headed down the stairs.

“Here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten yourself into!” I thought, as I followed her.

As I walked into the living room, she was standing there with her arms outstretched, completely nude, turning slowly in a complete circle in amongst all his furniture and other possessions. With a big smile, she said, “Where do you want to start?”

I should explain that in our town we have an annual pirate festival. She and her husband are part of the “Krewe” that puts it on so he had one of the elaborate costumes they all have custom made. It was draped over the back of a couch.

Revenge Sex

“How about on top of his outfit?” I asked, gesturing to the costume. She let out sort of a little squeal, putting her hands on her thighs in a sort of a squatting motion, “Perfect! He has to wear that to lots of activities, I love it!”

She grabbed it, removed the hangers and spread it out on the couch. Then she flopped down on her back, lying on top of the silky material, (complete with sequins) reached out with both hands as she spread her legs apart, and eagerly said, “Come here! Let’s do this!” So I walked over, knelt on the couch and began to kiss her as she tried to guide me inside of herself.

“Wait a while,” I said, “let’s do this right.” She relaxed and after we’d kissed some more, I began kissing my way down her neck to her breasts, then down her stomach and below. After she’d climaxed, I kissed my way back up her body and said, “Now you can help me in.”

She grabbed me with both hands and pulled hard to get me into the proper position, wriggling her hips on the material of his outfit to help get me sliding inside of her. I stopped and held still, with just the head partially penetrating her.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked. “HELL YES!” she practically screamed, “FUCK ME!” So I slammed my full length in her in one motion. I withdrew until almost completely out of her and rammed back inside until I couldn’t go any deeper into her.

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I stopped and held that position, looking down. Her face was bright red, the veins in her neck were engorged, her eyes were tightly shut, she was biting her lower lip and holding her breath. “Open your eyes,” I told her in a hoarse whisper, “I want you to see who’s fucking you!” Her eyes flew open wide, and I stared into them as I gave her a couple of additional thrusts. Then, I suddenly withdrew entirely, and brightly asked her, “Where to next?”

She lay there in stunned amazement. “I can’t believe you just did that!” she exclaimed. “I’m just following orders, M’am,” I replied with a wicked smile.

“Let’s use his roll-top desk,” I suggested. “Great idea!” she said, bouncing up from the couch, oblivious to the wet area remaining on his pirate costume. She sat up on the edge of his desk, her back to the rolled up top with her arms spread out to grasp the sides. I arranged her so I could slide right back inside, and after several strokes with enough force to rock the desk a bit, I slipped back out of her.

Now that she was onto my game, she exclaimed, “To the dining room table!” She laid back on the fine, polished wood, “I want you to eat me on the table!” I sat my naked ass in his chair at the head of the table and I pleasured her where he’d eaten so many of his meals, then I stood up and pushed myself into her right there, rocking the table as it creaked loudly. We stopped, fearing the table might collapse.

“How about doing it in his golf cart?” she asked. “Why not!” I replied and we hurried out into the garage. I sat behind the steering wheel, and she took me in her mouth, vigorously sucking and creating lots of noises that would be unmistakable to anyone who might be outside within hearing distance. “Enough of that for now.” I said. Then I positioned her across the seat as I entered her again, our actions causing the vehicle to bounce on it’s suspension system, creating lots of squeaking sounds. So we decided to go back inside.

She grabbed my erection when I helped her off the golf cart and began pulling me by it as we walked. “Since you guys are all led around by your dicks, I figure I might as well do it literally.” she laughed.

Once back in the living room, we used the arm chairs and each one of the chairs all around the dining room table, where she had me repeat my performance at the other end of the dining table, since that’s where “his bitch” will sit and eat with him. (This time I didn’t thrust as hard, so as not to break the table.)

“Now, I want you to finish me on this.” she said solemnly as she waved her hand over a large wooden chest. “It’s an antique that was given to us by his ‘mommy’ and she demands he be allowed to keep it in his family.” She continued, “She never liked me and the feeling’s mutual.”

Then she laid back on the chest and spread her legs, grabbing beneath her knees. I positioned myself over her, then lowered and slowly slid myself inside of her. “Wait!” she said, so I slipped back out of her and she grabbed my hips and pulled herself up so she could again take me in her mouth.

After a short time of that, she leaned back on the chest and had me come around to stand above her head. She slid herself up on the chest so her head was hanging off the end. Then she reached for me and pulled me back to her lips, taking me deeply into her mouth and down into her throat. It was an amazing sensation! I knew I wouldn’t be able to maintain self-control much longer so I pulled back and walked around to reposition myself between her legs, then slid into her again.

She wrapped her legs around me and began to buck her hips, digging her heels into my buttocks, controlling the pace. I matched her movements, soon we were violently going at it, pulling hair, biting a little too hard on nipples, gasping for breath like wild animals until I came inside of her, causing small convulsions and spasms that I could not control. When it was finished, she locked her legs around me so I could not pull out.

“Stay just like this for just a little while, please!” I looked into her eyes, which were brimming with tears. “Sure, thing,” I softly replied, “He likes it in there.” She giggled and closed her eyes, relaxing her legs somewhat. “She likes him in there, too!” she replied. We remained in that position for several more minutes until she said, “Okay, my back is overruling my other parts, I’ve got to get off this damned chest!”

We clumsily lifted ourselves off of the chest, which had an enormous pool of fluids now collected on its top. “Should we clean that off?” I asked. “Hell no!” she exclaimed, “I want that to soak in so deep he can’t ever get it clean! He’ll figure out what that is, too. I wish I could see her face when ‘mommy dearest’ sees it. I’m sure she’ll know just what it is and it’ll drive her crazier than she already is!” She threw her head back and gave a loud, evil-sounding laugh. It was hysterically funny.

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We went back upstairs for a long, hot shower and I left. What happened after was none of my business.

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