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Sexual/Cultural Revolution

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There is nothing anyone can do to stop the sexual/cultural revolution the world is experiencing.

Every single norm we know today will be overturned. Pedophilia will definitely be normal one day. Your only form of resistance is to guard your mind like Winston of Orwell’s 1984.

Religion, culture, traditions will continue taking a backstage in the affairs of the future. Reality will be challenged, shared truth will be trampled on. We’re at that tipping point. We can resist all we want, but the world as we know it can’t be the same ever again.

The New World Order

The new watchword will be “as long as it makes them happy, as long as they don’t hurt anyone.” It is the age where humans have shaped themselves to be Gods: Homo Deus as Yuval Harari calls them. The human God is obsessed with sacrifices of pleasure. Just pleasure.

Governments and corporations will increasingly interfere in stamping the preeminence of Hedonism and the consumerism with which his soul should be worshipped. The few outliers like myself will be persecuted systemically: ostracization from job market and internet etc.

We’ve seen how language has been hijacked as a tool to usher in the new age. Abortion (the right to kill a baby in the wom) is termed women’s right. Who dares stand against women’s right. A bigot. And then the homophobia, Transphobia, Queerphobia, Bigot etc. Syatemiv CONTROL.

Just to wrap it up: Are you ready for the future? Because the future is already here. Africa will be physically torn away from that chaos (we are backwards), But we are connected to the internet (global village). How does this evolution impact us as individuals and as a group?

The Future?

The question of what the future will be like is actually the most contentious and confounding of debates out there among scholars. Forget that Africa is so backwards that we are still stuck with figuring out basic human wahala: food, shelter, clothing, electricity etc.

We are at the tail end of liberalism in the arena of culture, politics, technology etc. It ushered in unprecedented prosperity in the early 20th century or so. And started crumbling in the a early 21st Century or so. We are at the end of a full cycle. Fortunate and unfortunate.

We’ve been able to do significant damage to the planet, to culture and traditions, to Religion (I am not as sentimental about religion as I am about culture and society). We’ve altered the concept of sexuality and a whole lot. And this is just the beginning. The future is scary.

Give me a comment about your thoughts about this sexual revolution below.

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