Sexual Compatibility

Sexual Compatibility In A Relationship; Important or Nah!

Finding a sexually compatible partner is in every way as important as, if not more important than, other aspects of the relationship that we concentrate on. Sexual compatibility is not just about liking the same things in bed. To be sexually compatible you need to have other factors in your relationship that makes the bedroom such a wonderful place to be.

Ghanaians especially the older generation are notoriously reserved when it comes to talking about sex.

Sexual Compatibility
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Communication is in large part a factor in how well your sex life is. Knowing how to tell someone what they want and need to hear to feel good is an enormous step towards sexual compatibility. Listening attentively is an important key factor too.

Why Measure Sexual Compatibility?

Sexual compatibility is one of the dimensions that you can use to measure long-term relationship satisfaction. Sexual compatibility is much more significant in the well being of a relationship than it is given credit for.

Sex surely isn’t all, incompatibility can trigger long-term problems in the bedroom. When I say sex it’s not just the act of sex, but physical intimacy like cuddling is included. Cuddling can just be enjoyable like sex.

Sexual Compatibility
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Understand your partner by listening to him/her both inside and outside the bedroom. By listening you can understand their wants and needs without them having to spell them out.

A mismatch in sexual compatibility is one of the most common causes of relationships failing. People often downplay it’s importance and end up losing the relationship.

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The Problem Of Sexual Incompatibility

Much of it can be blamed on the culture. Many religions still shame and stigmatize sex, both in and out of wedlock. Many parents shame children over sexual interests.

We cannot leave out communication. The lack of communication about sexual desires between partners can be stressful. Some women still feel less free to be honest and open about their sexual desires. It is very important that we understand our partners deeper emotions and physical needs. Feel free to talk about it.

What Can You Do?

The most important thing is communication. You cannot tell if you and your partner are sexually compatible at the beginning of the relationship. Discuss this early on in the relationship, it helps stay together and encourage each other to feel comfortable and confident to talk about your needs and wants.

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Now What?

Take what you have learned from this fun little article and use it in your daily life with your partner. Speak up for yourself. Express your desires. Give your partner the opportunity to meet your needs. If that doesn’t work, then other alternatives can be explored.

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