Sexual Anatomy

Sexual Anatomy 102

Sexual Anatomy 102 Class in session!

Who said she can’t squirt? It’s not a privilege of a few…
Who says you can’t go a single round of the length of full time football “match”….with no injuries?

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Warm up to the event…put in the body works. Pass the kicks.


The right angles…great thrust, then issa goal from the corner kicks.

Throw them in…


there is going to be a catch as your favourite goalie.

Sexual Anatomy

Let your passion fuel the art…
Want to make her squirt? Don’t be shy…ask!
Want to keep up for the full match? Keep up.

Need him to get you to that “heaven” point? Don’t be shy…take control!
Need him to play till your final whistle? Get him to play with focus.

We are adjourned till the next class.

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