Sexual Anatomy

Sexual Anatomy 101

Knowledge is power, they say. But sexual knowledge is extra power. Think Delilah type of power. Think, Irresistible play boy power. And I’m giving you superpowers in this post. Welcome to Sexual Anatomy 101 and my name is Ms PetitMort.


Ladies first.
Ladieesssss do you know your man’s body?

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A man’s body has very simple but interesting parts. Let’s look at my personal favourites.

The Penis.
Sexual Anatomy
Image by Silentpilot from Pixabay

The penis is made upon spongy tissue that soaks up the blood and gets rock hard how you like it. It is made up of two parts. The shaft and the head.
Learning which part of your man’s penis is more sensitive can go a long way in having him in your hands.

Nah. Literally. He will jizz on you.

The Ejaculatory Gland.

The ejaculatory gland is the male G-spot. It’s found inside the prostate and is located in his anus. So yes. Lubricate your middle finger and reach up to that man’s butt.

DISCLAIMER: if you get maimed, injured or killed you cannot sue me. You’re taking my advice at your own risk.

But for real, his G-spot is up there.

The Perineum.

The perineum is the space between bae’s balls and anus. It’s a plateau of nerves. Lick it, play with it, fuck around and lick his ass a little.


So yeah, play with these parts and you’d have him tossing and turning and buying you a Benz. Bring me my share.

Now boys.

The Almighty Clitoris.

Clits come in many shapes and sizes, but they’re essentially just little mounds of nerves. Be gentle, only apply downward force and gently.

If you’re licking and don’t know what to do, write the alphabet with your tongue, ABC… you get the drif.

Sexual Anatomy
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

No dirty djing. I repeat. Do. Not. Dj. That’s a masturbation technique. Pay attention to the clit throughout and you will have her shaking in no time.

The Skene’s Gland.

The skene’s gland is the woman’s ejaculatory gland. It is behind her g spot. The G-spot is that ridgy thing in her pussy about 2 inches in. That’s all you need to make her cum. Really, the rest of the vagina is bonus pleasure.

There, that’s why she cheated with the small dick dude.

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The Urethra.

This isn’t really sexual. But a lot of you knuckleheads don’t know that women do not pee from their vaginas. (Or squirt either). That’s what the urethra is for.

With all this knowledge, go out there and make me proud. Till we meet in the next class, enjoy! Shalom!

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Written By – Anon.

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