Sex Is Worship

Sex Is Worship

Believe it or not, sleeping with someone is worship to something. God or the devil. This ain’t even up for debates. But just to extinguish all your arguments, let’s establish the basis.


It’s a binary world. Good and bad. Black and white. God and Satan. So if you’re not on Gods team, you’re on the devil’s team.

In Matthew 19:6, God talks about a man and woman being joined together, and what God has put together let no man put asunder ( insert dirty smile). God doesn’t do things just because.

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He does all things for His glory. Including giving you sexual urges and orgasms. The climax of this beautiful thing God created brings forth life, amazing no?

That being established, sex is only worship to God in marriage. Want to fight with me? Okay. “Thou shalt not fornicate” BOOM.

Fornication is sin and God hates sin so connect the dots.

Sex is also known as a pagan form of worship. There are entire religions based on erotica. Seriously look up the Wicaans.

Sex Is Worship
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Sexual reproduction is an elegant method of ensuring maximum biological diversity. […] But to take one particular form of sexual union as the model for the whole is to limit ourselves unfairly.

If we could, instead, take the whole as the model for the part, then whomever or whatever we choose to love, even if it ourselves in our solitude, all our acts of love and pleasure could reflect the union of leaf and sun, the wheeling dance of galaxies, or the slow swelling of bud to fruit. (The Spiral Dance 1999, 20-21)

So there, whether or not you’re worshipping God in your marriage or engaging in some heated pagan ritual,(I’m not judging, enjoy) just know that sex isn’t just sex.

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It’s cosmic, its spiritual, it’s a transfer of spirits and substance, positive and negative. So guard your souls. And your bodies. It’s a temple of something.

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