[SERMON RECAP] Serving God – 3 Important Things to Note


Many Christians confuse Serving God to mean going to church and/or taking part in church related activities, but only a few understand what it takes to serve God in truth and in principle.

We clearly do understand what going to church is, some even dote on their doctrines and others are stern believers in the act of singing and leading departments in their church but not the concept of serving God.

For many, serving God is by the opportunity of what their mind dictates to them or by what their folks handed over as legacy. In Joshua 24:15, there was clarity of three choices of worship, the gods of our Fathers(Ancestral gods), the gods of the Amorites(gods of the lands) and the Almighty LORD GOD.

serving God

Before Abram met and knew GOD, he only had knowledge of what his fathers worshipped. He did his own things in ways that pleased him and based on his orientation. Genesis Chapter 12.

The caution is not to follow Christ because your folks have pushed you to, or because going to church is the order of every weekend or as a requirement but based on your personal conviction. This is a sure way of being in a better position to know what serving God means.

AFROSAGES takes you to Church and here are 3 important things to Note when you mind is made up to serve God.

Serving God means A Life According to His Ways

To serve any deity comes with strict rules and regulations for which violations can bring upon the worshipers severe consequences.

It is only unfortunate that in Christianity, GOD has been known to be too kind and merciful to always forgive and re-write wrongs and grant an opportunity for new beginnings. As a word of caution, it is highly important to live by the rules of GOD if you want to serve Him. You cannot decide to take Christ and still be living your old life!

Note that, serving God is not where you go to do it but what you do with what you have been taught – Your ATTITUDE is key.

Serving God is not all about Church
serving God in Church

A church is a place of Teaching of the word of God but not entirely the determinant of your Worship or level of Faith. Your Faith is what you do with what you are taught in the Church and your worship is your personal connection with the doctrine.

Wherever you congregate and you are not taught about how to Serve God may not be in your own interest as a Christian and that place may not fully qualify as a church. A Church teaches you how RIGHT it is to Serve GOD.

The Church is a place of teaching to build your knowledge as to how to Worship, build your faith and serve God.

When a non-believer makes a covenant with a deity, the deity or a part of it is brought home to live with them. But almost all the time, Christians only show their Christianity when they are in Church. Being a Christian and serving God must be seen in all aspects of the life you live everywhere you are especially at home, on the streets, and in the workplace.

Serving God is about A Personalized Relationship with Him

Serving God without having a personalized relationship with him is a complete Waste of Time. This personalized relationship is by simply having a covenant with Him. Nothing moves God faster than a Covenant. Abraham was the first known man to have a personalized relationship with God for which he was blessed to his descendants as we are today.

Read Genesis Chapter 12, 15 and 17. Abraham had a covenant with God, he worshiped and served Him.

serving God

Abraham’s covenant with God was for him to serve Him and God, in turn, will keep the end of the bargain. The terms of the covenant were clear and simple and it remains so till date. Have no other God apart from He, Jehovah! Keep His WORD and He GOD will keep bless you. Abraham offered the RIGHT sacrifices and God never forsakes him. It may seem that it kept long but God knows his timing and kept His word. The New Testament’s covenant was also stated with clarity – Matthew 6:33 KJV [ But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these. things shall be added unto you.]

The New Testament is a clear case of the renewed covenant between God and Christians.

A Call to Serve

Have a personal relationship with God, let your life be transformed by the teachings of His WORD, and above all let your Christianity and your God not be limited to the walls of your Church.

Be confident about the God you serve, Know Him and Serve Him well.

Sermon by: Pastor Kelvin Mensah

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