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Reviews or Recommendations-2 Strong Reasons To Get It!

Over the past weeks, we have been observing how startups and small businesses on and off Social Media make use of customer reviews or recommendations. Our observations though confirmed the need for this article, it also conveyed a deep fear within us about how start ups or small business under-utilize opportunities for growth, increased brand awareness and a real chance at turning profits.

Reality Check!

A great chance a brand/business has at free adverts plus a 24/7/365 point of reference to guide a potential buyer is from the list of Customer Reviews or Recommendations left by those who have tried the brand or business.

Unfortunately here are the very most important questions most businesses fail to answer. >>> Do you have any reviews or recommendations from your customers? What is the value of customer reviews or recommendations for your business or brand? How do you get quality reviews and/or recommendations from your customers?


AFROSAGES takes you through 3 reasons why customer reviews or recommendations are needed for you business are well as how to get some great ones.

Customer Reviews or Recommendations Boosts your Search Visibility

There is an increasing amount of search volumes run on Social Media Platforms daily with users in search of brand’s offerings or solutions that can readily offered for quick fixes locally. Your brand’s keywords or hashtags are only optimized for top of the page visibility only if there is much relevant talk around your offerings.

Brands with relevant and or current reviews or recommendations from users tend to rank top of the search page when a user queries the platform with the keywords included in posts made by these reviews and/or recommendation.

Provides FAQ and Answers that Clears Doubts about your Brand

Some customers or potentials ones have questions that you the brand’s owner may not be readily available in your chat box to answer, or the chat bot may not be able to cover them. However, with collected feedback, queries and answers given in the review and recommendation section of your listing provides an opportunity for the potential customer to make a buying decision.

reviews or recommendations
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Fact checking before a purchase is fundamentally based on the reason that potential customers are looking for first hand, authentic and trusted answers from customers who already patronized the brand in order to make informed choices prior to a purchase.



Now that we have established the basics for which you need to get reviews and recommendations, our hope is that you get some great ones that projects you brand to the top for growth and profitability.

Are you lacking reviews and recommendations? How do you get some? What are the best or worst reviews or recommendations you have received and how did that transform your business strategy? Got answers to these questions that you want to share? Reach out to us via chat or the comment box.

Feature Image by PatternPictures from Pixabay

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