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Recruitment – A Nouvelle Approach in the Digital Age

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In this modern era of technology and keen business aptitude, most employers have begun to realize that the most important aspect of their organizations is their employees. But the recruitment and selection process in human resource management has never been more important. In these day there is constant search for employees, not just any kind of employee, but people who are qualified, dedicated and up to the task.

Therefore much attention must be given to the human resource department to ensure that they procure the best candidates within the stipulated HR budget and time constraints. The human resources planning, recruitment, and selection process is significant because of the value companies place on production and performance, making good hires and the high expenses of replacing employees after bad hires.

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The human resources recruitment and selection, is a procedure deliberately planned and developed by human resource department and executed by organizations when assessing and recruiting candidates. This process normally starts when jobs vacancies are published within and outside the organization.

The recruitment and selection in human resource management, is about the capability of the business to source new employees, keep the company operating and competitive while refining the value of the human capital working in the company. The quality and success of the recruitment process is the catalyst for employers approval of the services provided by Human Resources.

Key Objective Of Recruitment Process

The key objective of the recruitment and selection process, is to find the best recruitment avenues, employ the best candidates on the job market and keep the organization competitive in the industry. The recruitment and selection process in human resources is about dealing with a huge number of resumes, applications and having the knack for choosing the best candidates. These candidates must be quickly hired and oriented into the organization.

Most often, certain recruitment tools are used to determine the most suitable applicants for certain vacancies. The HR department and managers in charge of hiring will develop tools for screening, including; applications, interviews, tests, background checks and reference check, before they begin to accept applications.

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For the most part, the HR department will expend big portion of efforts and money to manage employees. This may result in their inability to effectively accomplish the organization’s pertinent hiring requirements. In the end, most employers either over-hire or under-hire employees to fill job openings.

Too many employees for a particular job will mean that there is excess labour and that will lead to the company suffering a loss. This excess results in the company spending more money to sustain workers whose contribution to the organization is very minimal.

Conversely, if an important job post is left vacant for too long, it will lead to the loss of revenue as it may have a direct impact on either decision-making or revenue generation of management.

There is the need for a conscious paradigm shift today, from just filling up vacant positions to using a strategic approach to hiring. No two jobs are equal, just as no two candidates will perform with the same output. Prioritization should be key when implementing the recruitment plan. It should be noted that there is only a thin line between the continuous success of an organization and its gradual failure, and that is the fine balance between the right employees and their output.


The aim of recruiting accountable and dependable personnel should be to make businesses lucrative and effectual in the long-term. The recruitment and selection process is where you can, not only, recognize an applicant who has the knowledge and ability to do the job, but also, find that candidate who shares and approves of your company’s core values. The applicant should be able to seamlessly fit into your company’s organizational culture.

The selection and recruitment process should be able to provide you with an employee who can quickly get used to and work well with others in your company. Botching a recruitment will have adverse effects in the long term and will cause a high turnover which will be detrimental to the growth of your company.

Your recruitment plan and strategy may be said to be poor when the failure/quit rate of the new recruits is high. If new employees are fired or willingly quit within first few months, irrespective of their performance, then the recruitment process cannot be a triumph. Ineffective hiring not only leads you to rehire for the same job, but will also increase the cost of recruitment.

Poor hiring will lead to losses in relation to revenue not generated from critical decision making but also mean you will miss other strategic opportunities to make money. There is no assurance that applicants who did well during the hiring process will do well on the job. It is vital therefore that new personnel are given a proper introduction to the work ethics and tasks before they begin to play their actual roles in the organization.

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Recruitment is consequently, one of the most essential of HR tasks, which necessitates cautious preparation from beginning to end. Employers must have smart business insight to be able to judge the organization’s development requirements.

When you recruit effectively and select the right person, there is a ripple effect. Your new employees will do their jobs excellently. Employees will see smart choices and wise decisions taken. You will gain admiration from your staff, and you will get higher output as a direct result of that respect. The positive attitude of the organization will enhance the quality of your products or services, and eventually, your customers’ opinions of your company.

Article Written By: Teddy Simmons

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