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Posting On Google My Business – How Frequently?

To my knowledge, there is (currently) no limit to the number of posts we can update on Google My Business in one day.

Google My Business
Google My Business (Credit: Google)

However, Google My Business is not like Twitter or Instagram were posting multiple times a day is typically required for any significant exposure.

You should be strategic about what you post on Google My Business and how often.


Posts remain active on Google Search for 7 days. It is unnecessary to post the same offer or announcement more than once per week unless you have so many different posts that you want to make sure a certain promotion remains at the top of your listing profile.



Sharing new posts daily is a good idea if you have additional products, services, events, offers, or other announcements to make. However, keep in mind that although all posts remain active in Google Search for 7 days, only the most recent most displays prominently.

“It might be a good idea to not have another post for the next 6 days. Otherwise that post will be buried behind the newer posts.” -Davis Baer, Co-Founder at OneUp App


Posting multiple times is only advisable if you have something fresh and distinct to share each time. Remember, each post will remain active in Google Search for a whole week. If you have a recurring announcement you want to be featured above other posts shared in the same week, try using a third-party tool to time your post publishing accordingly.


Google loves companies that use Google Products and Services frequently. However, because Google lives to please humans, you could be penalized in Google Search rankings for posting duplicate content. Google might also mistake repetitive posts as spam.

The last thing Google (or any humans) want is to see the same information appearing multiple times in search.

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The only other instance I can imagine posting multiple times daily might be useful is if you are planning an experiment to assess how different posts perform at different days and times.

GMB Post Automation

I recommend using a third-party tool like OneUp App or Publer to automate your posts on Google My Business.

Manually updating posts gets old real fast, especially when you have a lot of content or frequent updates to share!

Get your business registered on Google My Business today. Having difficulties, leave us a message below.

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