Pleasing A Woman

Pleasing A Woman 101- How and Why!

You can spend hours with your head in between her thighs, her hips spasm with seizures, and her eyes rolled back but none of it is equal to pleasing a woman emotionally.

You can last 40 minutes in her in the most bizarre positions, still it will not be as effective as pleasing her emotionally.

What do I mean by pleasing a woman emotionally?

Many people confuse sexual pleasure with pleasing their partner, but in truth that’s only part of it. And you don’t need to be a sex god to please a woman. All you have to do is understand her.

Imagine a push-to-start car, you can get it on but if you don’t know that you need to press on the brake while you push the engine button you are going to spend quite a while in the parking lot lost and not knowing what you are doing wrong. Then as soon as you start to understand the car, you are able to start it in seconds and move!

The same with driving stick shift. If you understand how to drive a stick shift you will save thousands from updating an average car to an automatic. And the more luxurious the car is the more you will have to pay to convert it to automatic.

The same with a woman. Once you try to understand her and listen to her the easier the relationship will be and the easier it’ll be to please her.


A woman needs to be pleased emotionally in her late teens, 20’s, 30’s 50’s and all the way to her elderly age. So the sooner you master it the more fruitful and rewarding your relationship will be with her.

Pleasing A Woman
Pleasing A Woman. (Credit:

Men, we need to realize that, as much as we hear of super strong feminism, we should not be afraid of women in politics or women flying our space ships – we should support them. Once we stop questioning them, we can start seeing women as our partners and let them be our support to push forward in technology and social changes.

And in truth pleasing a woman is the easiest thing a man can ever do.

You Support Her.

Not by paying all the bills and buying her new cars, but you support her by letting her know that she can be the best chef, doctor, lawyer, mayor or CEO of the best Fortune 500 company.

Our ego will make us think that if she becomes a lawyer and you are still a teacher she might feel better than you. But you have to realize that for her to become a lawyer you were the one that picked up the kids, fixed her supper on her late nights after long studies and made sure her car was always clean and tuned for her to never get stuck on the road.


pleasing a woman

As much as you’d love to believe it that she can easily find another man that can do that, she won’t because you made sure you are the best man she’ll ever have laid her eyes on.

A woman’s erogenous zones are not the strongest place to please a woman. Her ears are the best place to please her. A man will sit in a football field next to his father after practice and he’ll tell him, “One day, son, these stands are going to scream your name.” You believe him. It makes you feel good.

The same with a woman. She need to hear the words. Her ears help her believe. “Baby, the last two years you stayed home to look after our daughter. Three years from now our daughter and I are going to sit in your graduation after you complete law school.” And when that day happens she’ll feel like wow, he saw it and believe it. And these are the moments that makes a woman proud to see your feature in her children’s faces.

Keeping Your Words.

You said you were going to pick up the kids, do it. You said you were going to pick her mom from the airport, it’s 15 degrees outside and she’s been in a 15 hour journey don’t let her mom suffer because you did not keep your words. You said you were going to quit drinking because you turn into someone else around her and the kids, do it.

Another thing that pleases a woman even when some say it doesn’t, it’s shiny things and breathtaking things. I once got my girl this shiny piece of jewelry. She told me that it was too much and that I shouldn’t have gotten it for her.

She’s one of those modern day I can do things myself type of gal. So if I use my annual bonus to buy her a piece of jewelry she’ll act like it’s not cool because she didn’t get me something like that. Even if I told her many times that she’s my lady, and I don’t care what feminism says, in my eyes she and my daughter deserve the best.

So it was when I told her that it’s not bad for women to have expensive jewelry and if we ever get broke and she needs to provide for our daughter she can always sell that jewelry, that was when she accepted the gift. Days later I was walking by our bedroom and she didn’t notice but I saw her looking at herself in the mirror admiring herself and the jewelry.

Using fancy accents and not behaving like how most people see her. Then she started using it in our fancy outings. So yeah do catch your lady’s breath.


She might think sex is boring in your house, but book a nice hotel in Manhattan New York and enjoy breakfast at Tiffany’s, and dine her in her red dress and high heels and you’ll see the freaky side from when she was 22. Women love excitement.

And that’s for a woman who’s in her late teens, 20s, 30s, 40s and elderly age.

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