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Personal Learning Network

Personal Learning Network - PLN
Personal Learning Network

PERSONAL LEARNING NETWORK – Before we step into a New Year, it is essential to learn how to build a relevant personal learning network (PLN).

Your PLN is where you gather, collect, communicate, create and also share knowledge and experience with a group of connected people, anywhere at any time.

Your PLN is developed largely through social media, such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Quora, Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook, and blogs, helping us form connections, grow our knowledge base and develop ourselves professionally through continual learning.

Your PLN is more like a global, online community that allows you tap into a broad wealth of knowledge and focus on what you consider most important to your learning. 

It can be as simple as following a group of educators, policy makers, professionals, friends, on social media.

Your participation in a PLN is voluntary, and you can interact as much or as little as you like.

Yes use a mind map to create your PLN.

PLN allows you to personalize your learning online. You get to choose information you’re interested and who you interact with.

Personal Learning Network Tools and Strategy

There are relevant/useful information out there and so many people to connect with, but you have to be mindful of the — who, what and how.

Who are those in your PLN?
How are you benefitting from them?
What are you offering?

What Cs drive you in your PLN?

Are you consuming information?
Are you complaining about things?
Are you creating?

You can find yourself at the intersection of the 3Cs (consume, complain, create).

How to set up your online PLN

  1. Open a Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/Pinterest/Shapr/Snapchat/Quora/Reddit/Medium/GitHub and other Social Media Account

These platforms are tools for getting just-in-time, relevant resources.

  1. You Can Create a Social Media Group

You can build your own community by starting a group page on Google+, Facebook, Telegram, LinkedIn. Invite friends, colleagues and some professionals, as well as your newest online connections to join the group.

  1. Start Blogging Your Own Ideas

Writing a blog from your own perspective helps you solidify your thinking and connect with a broader community of teachers. Tell your unique stories, share effective lesson plans and strategies, or explore hot-button current events.

Personal Learning Network
Personal Learning Network
  1. Devote Time to Your Learning

Plan to spend about some minutes each day or week or month interacting with your those in your PLN.

Learn from those that are providing the RELEVANT knowledge, resources or information you need.

Knowledge that will HELP not HARM you.

  1. You Can Organize Online Events On Your PLN

Events like online quiz, debates, bootcamps, webinars, tweetchats, etc.

Online events on your PLN helps you build a stronger community of learners.

Knowledge sharing becomes fun, easier and exciting.
Credit: Moments With Bren

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