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Palm Oil Improves Women’s Skin and Hair Health – JESMAK


In a world where there is an increasing consciousness about health, particularly with women about their skin and hair, the hunt for the best recipes, accessories and even ingredients for food has been endless. Many have unlocked the secrets to the good life, herein AFROSAGES Emerging Business throws a spotlight on JESMAK Ventures’ Organic Palm Oil to bring you a dose of that goodness.

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About JESMAK Ventures

A Ghanaian budding agribusiness registered in 2018 with the aim of bridging the gap between demand and supply of agricultural produce and its processed products to market. The supply and sales of quality organic palm oil is to ensure a weighted price for the producers as well as propagate the agenda of healthy living using organic foods.

Key Benefits of Organic Palm Oil

Eating of organic palm oil to improve your hair and skin health is more than a claim; there are large deposits of natural Vitamins E and its tocotrienol content. Many have sworn that the use of organic palm oil plays a vital role in skin health with regards to the appearance of the skin, the healing of wounds, fighting off acnes and clearing of scars. There are also cases of palm oil involved in the treatment of pressure ulcers and psoriasis.

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A study in 2010 comprising 37 participants with hair loss found that taking tocotrienol for eight months increased the number of hairs by 34.5 percent. Meanwhile, the placebo group actually saw a 0.1 percent decrease in the number of hairs by the end of the study. 

Other Benefits of Organic Palm Oil Usage
  1. Reduces Cholesterol Levels
  2. Slows the Progression of Heart Disease
  3. Boosts Brain Health
  4. Enhances Vitamin A Status
  5. Reduces Oxidative Stress
JESMAK palm oil
Grab Goodness in a JESMAK Bottle Today!

Just like any type of oil, there are definitely side effects of excess usage and most importantly buying the substandard or wrong ones off the market.

The difference between an organic palm oil from JESMAK and a fake one is that, the fake ones are usually thick and fatty when stored on the shelf. The taste changes as well as the smell.
But with JESMAK organic palm oil, no matter how long its been stored, it’s always fluid to be poured with ease and the taste and smell is always aromatic.

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Call JESMAK on 0543820825 or WhatsApp Text 0543237166 to grab a bottle at an unbeatable price. We at AFROSAGES will await your review in the chat box.

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