OuiMama; The Dress Maker in Ghana

Whether you have a unique vision of what you are looking for or would like to draw inspiration from somewhere, OuiMama has depth of dressmaking knowledge for that perfect dress you want.

OuiMama Designs
A dress made by OuiMama

You decide the exact shape, fit, fabric and detail you want and know that you’ll feel wonderful and totally unique.

This week’s Emerging Businesses focuses on this awesome dressmaker from Ghana.

Christened Antoinette Cornelius, she’s known in the dressmaking industry as OuiMama. Located at Lapaz a suburb of Accra. OuiMama is an A-list clothing brand with the vision to be the world-class clothing line in Ghana.

The face behind OuiMama

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Antoinette attended Our Lady Of Apostles (OLA) Senior High School in Ho and currently at the Institute Of Chartered Accountants Ghana (ICAG).

When OuiMama Started

“Had the passion when I was very young, say primary 6. But I didn’t take it seriously until a year ago when I decided to quit the office job and focus on my passion” she said.

“So formally, September 2018, after my National Service” Antoinette added.

Antoinette said the fact that she didn’t really learn how to sew until now makes her feel she lagged in the pursuit of my dream. But it is never too late to do what you love. “Doing what you love actually makes you less tired than doing something you do not love”.

OuiMama Designs
A dress designed by OuiMama


You know what they say about mothers right? The people behind all the hard work to produce those stunning dresses are a daughter and mother team, whose mission is to provide clothing with top-notch designs to the Ghanaians and West Africa and beyond through the use of modern technology, creativity, and expertise.

OuiMama Designs
OuiMama Designs


“I did not allow what people said about me quitting my job and pausing on my CA (Chartered Accountant) get to me. This is what I wanted so I turned a deaf ear to all they said and I can say I have no regrets.

“If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin” this quote actually pushed me to start my business.

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People Styled

For now i have styled a few people, but the aim is to be Ghana’s biggest fashion house. These include;

Fashionista Akuvi Adjabs, Margaret Derry (Miss Ghana 2017), Eyram Dodor (Miss Earth 2016)

Akuvi Adjabs


In all this i draw my biggest inspiration from my mom. She’s more like my boss.

Get Social

Facebook – @OuiMama

Instagram – @OuiMama.1

Call Antoinette and let her design a dress for you and be kind to spread the word. Also tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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  1. Yaw Joule

    This is just the beginning of greater things to come. When you’re destined for greater things, not even you have a say in the matter. Keep going higher chale.?☘️

  2. Priscilla Djaba

    Wow, an inspiring read. Continue aiming higher because the skies cannot stop you if you remain determined. All the best. Greatness us your portion

  3. Rtsenyo

    Just keep on trusting God, what u call small today will be come the most biggest tomorrow. The sky is ur starting point

  4. Eyram

    I am the biggest fan of Ouimama and made about 20 + outfits from her since 2016. She isn’t only a friend but a sister I admire daily in her pursuit for greatness. Very determined and inspired designer I know. You won’t regret her welcoming services though I am the notorious person she works on ?? but love is always deep. Ouimama to the world eiii my pictures mpo are missing here please edit it and add mine some ok???
    Cheers and many thanks for promoting Ouimama

    1. afrosages

      We are very pleased and privileged to work with such Great Mind!
      Like us on Facebook, follow us on IG and Twitter @afrosages.

      afrosages…Enabling Growth and Profitability with Social Media.

  5. Pee Jay

    You are exceptional my dear……above the sky is the limit……. I’m a Big Fan..#PeeJay #GrandPaa…..God bless you.

  6. Tasha Geyevu

    If we all are this passionate about what we do, I can imagine how beautiful the world will be…. I am highly inspired and if for nothing at all I will pick just this statement from her story…“If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin” Soar higher Antoinette… Greater things to come…

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