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Online Dating – Use The Internet To Broaden Your Scope.

Online Dating
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Let’s acknowledge that there are good people who desire to be in a relationship, but can’t find a “suitable” mate. If this wasn’t so, there would be no market for marriage crusades, relationship coaches and babalawos. Thus, the increase in online dating.


In the same vein, there are many who married the “wrong” person. They wish they had waited a bit longer to get married or at least spent more time getting to know the person they married.

No where cool, Manifest didn’t lie.

Sometimes, it’s because we fail to admit what we really want. Worse, we don’t articulate it so we can be found by others like us. We are afraid of societal backlash.

The truth is, some people want to be like Oprah. They don’t want children or a certificate. Others don’t want traditional marriage roles. They are like “gypsies” and crave freedom.

Online Dating

If serial killers and terrorists can find mates, there is nothing inherently wrong with you or your preferences. However, you need to broaden your scope. Look beyond your current context.

A kind woman I met online said something to me I’ll never forget. On her online dating profile, she states exactly what she’s looking for. She says this means that only those who want what she has or who are at least intrigued, approach. This helps her filter quickly.

The world of online dating means you can meet millions of people from different cultural contexts. You’ve been fishing in a shallow pool. Use the Internet to broaden your scope. But state what you want upfront.

I hope you find what you want, Adios.

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