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OneUp – Cheap Marketing Tool For Social Media


OneUp is a social media tool that allows you to schedule and automatically repeat your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google My Business for only $4 per month.

It is the best cheap alternative to Hootsuite.

Here are some of the features:


Direct scheduling to Instagram from a computer – OneUp allows you to schedule and post directly to Instagram and Instagram Stories from a computer, no push notification necessary.

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Posting to multiple pages – For people who are posting to more than one social network at a time, OneUp makes it easy to post to FB Pages and Groups, LinkedIn profiles and pages, and Twitter accounts, Pinterest, and Instagram (including Stories) all at once.


Repeating post – OneUp gives you the option to repeat your posts automatically. This allows you to resurface old posts that otherwise would have never been seen again. Also for anyone that has a Facebook Group with daily themes that repeat every week (such as “Make it happen Monday”), OneUp makes it easy to entirely automate this.


RSS feed automation – If there are any blogs, publications, podcasts, or YouTube channels that put out good content consistently, you can add the RSS feed links in OneUp, then whenever new content is posted from those places, it is automatically shared to the pages you select.


Chrome Extension – Using the OneUp Chrome extension, you can easily schedule many images at once from any website, such as sunsets for example. You can choose which images from the website you want to post to social media, bulk update or individually update the descriptions and links for each post, then schedule them to be posted with a set interval (such as every 60 minutes), or choose custom dates and times for all of them.

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Customizable UTM parameters – OneUp lets you customize UTM parameters so you can keep track of how your links are performing in Google Analytics.


Link Shortening – Connect your Bitly account and OneUp will automatically shorten any links and allow you to track clicks through Bitly.


There are a lot of social media tools out there but OneUp is the best cheap alternative.

Take it for a spin and we would be grateful to read yours in the comment box.

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