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Nobody Is Self Made

Nobody Is Self Made
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Nobody is Self Made!!! Every bad thing that has happened to me over the years, I have never blamed anyone else but myself. But for every win, I have always given credit where credit is due. That’s my OT(off topic). I know in every failure or rejection, there’s a lesson for me in it, so I hold my L(loss) peacefully.

Every single one of the lessons my past failures taught me was and is being applied where necessary, to move forward in life and that feeling is bliss. Consciously learning and growing and knowing there’s no storm you can’t face in your future because of your past failures has prepared you for your future successes.

Lesson One

When I quit the Bells university with an abysmal CGPA in Engineering; the lesson I took from that was, Engineering is not for me and that by trying to study it, I was a fish trying to climb a tree when I should be swimming.

So when I got to my new school, I changed my old study habits, chose a course I knew I was good at because even though I had failed in Engineering at Bells University, there were general courses I passed very well. I knew then, if I chose a programme that had a lot such courses, I’ll do well.

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So I chose to study accounting and finance because I have always been a numbers guy. In my 1st semester despite having no previous knowledge in the “commercial” field. I had 5 As and 1 C. And I got better with time. Graduated Cum Lauda and 3rd overall best in my class.

Lesson Two

The same applies to where I have been rejected. I only sulk for a moment, then I tell myself it is my fault and that it would never repeat itself. I took the lessons from it and move on, knowing I’m better prepared. I lead a very happy contented life because of this.

Nobody Is Self Made
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Nothing weighs me down for too long and I know my failures are lessons. So to everyone who has said NO to me, who has ignored my request for help, to every lecturer who has given me a well-deserved F, I say thank you because you helped me to learn and grow.

Lesson Three

Another thing I took away from The Bells was a healthy bank account. Because I just stopped paying school fees even though I got it from home as I had lost interest in school. I was a photographer for a while, made some money and I was one of the lucky early bitcoin entrants.

I have been comfortable for most of my adult life because of my decision to invest my school fees instead of going to school. That was a highly risky option as I didn’t know the art of investing then but I was lucky enough to meet honest people who always helped me make a few bucks.

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Or maybe I just have a natural intuition that helps me be a natural judge of people’s characters.

Take Charge and Soar. Remember, Nobody is Self Made!

In failures, there are lessons and as long as you see your failures as that; a chance to learn, nothing will bug you that much anymore.

And as humans we are going to fail a lot of times, it’s inevitable. But take strength from the fact that, you only need one win to cancel all those losses. Suck it up, learn, re-strategise and try again. And when you win, acknowledge the people who helped you. Nobody is self-made.

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