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A decision to engage the services of an ushering service agency is with much consideration owing to that fact that you would want services that are tailored to meet the needs of your program or service. You will find a host of these ushering service agencies online or by word of mouth to engage.

AFROSAGES throws a spotlight on Nilla Ushering Agency as part of our “Emerging Business” series to provide you insight of their PEOPLE, SERVICES and PROCESSES.

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Nilla Ushering Agency is made up of a team of young, very vibrant, well-groomed, beautiful and intelligent ladies, bringing liveliness and style to any event they usher. Nilla’s team is modern and are professionals who pride themselves at putting clients satisfaction as the core of the service delivery and ensures to achieve it every time.

Section of Nilla Ushering Agency

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The team provides ushering services for the below events per the specifications of the clients.

  1. Brand Activation
  2. Sales Promotions/Activation
  3. Wedding
  4. Funerals
  5. Conferences
  6. Exhibition
  7. Entertainment Events

For the above services, there is “Nilla Original” and “Nilla Premium”.


Nilla Ushering Agency employs a simple but classy process in acceptance of gigs, execution of the task and providing excellent customer satisfaction to all of their clients.

Nilla Ushering Services at a Birthday Party

Below is how Nilla narrates the simplicity of their processes.

Place a Call to 0203735639 or send WhatsApp text 0554640297

Tell us about your event; Birthday, Conference, Funeral, Product Launch etc.

Date, Venue, Time and Duration(how many days).

Then we spell out our pricing and inquire whether you want Nilla Original or Nilla Premium.

We agree on the number of personnel you need depending on the size of your event. If there is any group of person(s) for which special attention to be given to and served differently; that is agreed upon.

We also agree on the attire and if any special accessories for the day(s).

Nilla Ushering Agency agrees for a pre-visit to the event location and concludes on the modes of service delivery with the client.

We ensure there is satisfaction with the service delivery on the day(s).

We connect after the event to ensure the client is satisfied and if there are any recommendations he or she wants to give for future service quality.

Nilla Ushering Agency interview with AFROSAGES

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So whenever you are in need of professional services to help you out with your events call up Nilla Ushering Agency and ask for AFROSAGES Special Discount.

You can also give us a review of their services as to which are area they need to improve upon for better service delivery or any business that needs our attention by commenting below or send mail to

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