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New Business: NEITIVS Clothing

NEITIVS is a Ghanaian menswear label making good quality clothing with a purpose to fit, fabric and design through a traditionally fused contemporary street wear to promote Africanism.

The Name behind Neitivs Clothing
Bismark Del Deh(Mark Neitivs)

Founded by Bismark Del Deh(Mark Neitivs) in 2017, the Accra based company incorporates their trademark attitude and perspective on street culture and emphasise on people over product.

The Neitivs Story!

This is a brand that tells cultural stories in its unique way making its collections mostly a thin line between menswear and streetwear blended with clean colours tones and a combination of bold prints laced with subtle subtle details.

neitivs guy

This clothing brand strives to bring awareness to Africans and every indigenous person of this Earth by spreading history, embracing culture and crafting native designs.

neitivs lady

The clothing line showcases what we as Africans are built with or from as well as fusing the Urban style with the traditional messages we carry along as indigenes of a particular place of birth.

Product Offerings

Their main works includes;
Jackets and
Most of the brand narrative is told through the daily social lives as indigenes of their own lands.

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Why make this your Go-To Clothing Design?

The main objective is to unite people and bringing closer lifestyles from different background/culture/race/country to become a tribe through race with an agenda to focus on making the world a better beautiful scene of imagery with our colourful and brilliant piece of unique clothing styles

We are a tribe! We are Neitivs!! Reach out now to get your the best clothing with a style that tells your story.

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