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My Wife Was A Prostitute

You’re wondering if I must be crazy, yes my wife was a prostitute before I married her.

It all began 8 years ago when I was dumped by my girlfriend.

I had just graduated and came to know that my girlfriend was to marry a rich NRI (Non-Resident Indian). He was wealthy as hell. Owned couple of restaurants and petrol pumps in Delhi. Moreover he even owned 5 to 6 cars, all SUV. It broke my heart to see my girlfriend taking the “Pheras” with her new hubby. I did attend her wedding, but left soon.

Two months down the line I moved to Mumbai. Got a job, rented an apartment with another guy and tried to move on in my life. I would drink and smoke excessively. I picked up the habit of sitting in this Ladies Bars. I was lost in a world between reality and chaos. I did not know what I was going to do in my life.

I was brought up by a single mother who had died during my college days. My grandfather and grandmother took care of my further education then. I was lonely and I was lost. I was a heavy drinker and smoker and I couldn’t focus on work due to my ex girlfriend. I visited brothels, and slept with prostitutes. I was in a verge of destroying myself.

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One morning when I woke, I saw the prostitute cleaning my house and washed the utensils. It was unnatural. I was shocked. I asked her what was she doing to which she replied that she thought my room needed cleaning as it was too dirty. She had already done the utensils and was cooking for me. I did not know what to say. She left soon after and I was numb.

Like usually I went to work, while returning I bought some booze and snacks. But what stuck me is the prostitute who was cleaning my house.

My Wife Was A Prostitute
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Anyways, I called my pimp and asked him to send the same girl. He agreed and within the next hour she was at my doorstep. She was smiling. I did not want to have sex that day.

I just wanted her company. Maybe because I was feeling to lonely. I called her in and we watched a movie. We spoke about each other. She was hiding something from me. Never told me but I could sense it. We slept together the whole night and we didn’t do it. Maybe I was getting attracted towards her.

The next morning the same thing happened. She was cleaning and cooking. She gave the curtains and mat to the laundry man. My room started looking more livable. She got rid of all the empty alcohol bottles too. She left and I felt something missing. I had noted down her number. I thought of calling her up but didn’t have the courage.

One Sunday morning I finally took the courage to call her. I asked her if she was free that day as I was thinking of going for a movie. She agreed and we met at Bandran that whole day we enjoyed. I never looked at her as a prostitute then. But more as a friend. I was sceptical whether what I was doing was right or wrong. I never had the courage to ask her why was she chose prostitution as a profession.

We started meeting every Sundays. It would be fun. As if my life was being coloured again. We were something. We couldn’t stay without meeting each other. Our small talks turned into late night conversations. I had stopped drinking and smoking, almost cut down by 70%.

On an instance, I remember we were sitting at Marine drive. Her head was on my shoulder. We were talking when she suddenly started weeping.

“Rohit” – she continued

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“Rohit, I don’t want to live that life again. I could see tears dropping from her eyes. Rohit I’m not that person. I want to live a simple life and do something. I want someone who loves me from the deepest of his heart”.

The last line struck me. Because it was the same thing my ex girlfriend had told me many years ago. I didn’t know what to say. I hugged her and spent rest of the evening near the shore.

I didn’t call her the next day. I didn’t reply to her texts. I didn’t pick her calls. She must have called a thousand times. I was afraid, afraid to be dumped again. I had heard the same words from the person who I loved the most but dumped me for a richer guy. I didn’t know what to tell her. I was afraid.

One week on she came to my house. She was angry. She thought I was doing this because she was prostitute. That wasn’t the truth. I was afraid.

But I some how appeased her. I hugged her. I was in love with her. We cried on each other’s shoulders.

After 6 months or so I went to her native place in West Bengal where we tied the knot. I moved to Pune and today we are living a very happy life.

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For me or any man, remember it shouldn’t matter if the woman is a virgin or not, everyone has gone through something that has made them what they’re today. What matters is two hearts and a clean soul.

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