My Escapades On The Sail Boat


Years ago, I owned a sail boat. I was 31 years old. I took six of my coworkers, and their wives out into Tema harbour one evening for a sunset cruise. The boat was 26′ and way overcrowded.

One guy’s wife was 21 and she oozed sexuality. Her husband was an ass, in general and treated her like crap. She wore tight clothes that broadcast-ed her fabulous figure. She was coming onto me but trying to be discreet.

At one point, she was staring at my crotch and said, I don’t know how guys can be comfortable with a bulge like that knowing how much a woman wants it. She said she was trying to imagine what it would look like, without the shorts. She also said she’d always dreamed of sailing a boat, herself.

Before we got back to the marina, I said I was planning to go sailing the next night by myself, leaving about 5 o’clock.

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She was sitting in the cockpit. We sailed out of the marina. I was at the tiller and she went down into the cabin, standing at the hatch. She asked if I’d been wondering how she looked without clothes. When I said yes, she started to do the most sensuous striptease I’ve ever seen.

She had firm gorgeous tits and wide curved hips. Her patch of nearly blonde hair was trimmed beautifully and was very short. She gyrated and did toe touches so I had unbelievable views.

When we were far enough from the marina where people couldn’t see, she cam up into the cockpit and said, now let me see. The unzipped and unsnapped my shorts and dropped them. Then she slowly pulled my underwear down. She seemed delighted. She took me into her mouth and did the slowest most magical things.

It took a while to sail to a spot where I could anchor away from other boat traffic.

She said that her husband was very small and that she’d dreamed about a man who was large. She also said her husband refused to kiss her down there and she was going nuts because she was constantly horney.

I got the boat anchored and sat her on top of the cabin hatch so her legs hung into the cockpit. When my tongue slid into her, she went crazy. She was like an animal crying out, holding my head tight and bucking her hips.

It didn’t take long for her to climax and I kept her there, until she came several more times. She said she’d dreamed of having a man do that for years and it was beyond anything she’d dreamed.

We pulled a blanket on the foredeck and she laid down. I looked down at her. She was incredibly beautiful and crazy with desire. I knelt between her legs and she was frantically trying to guide me in.

She was small and tight and we went slow with her screaming that it hurt and urging me on. She was wild and vocal and athletic.

Sail Boat
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We made love several times and as we were sailing back, she said she was sore as hell but it hurt so good.

She left her husband within a week. We took a good many cruises together and none of my coworkers found out. I was single and we loved sex together but the relationship idea never seemed right. After a couple of months, she said she’d met someone. She wanted one more cruise before we ended it.

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She had told me that one of her fantasies was that a man would grab her and restrain her and do whatever he wanted to her without really hurting her.

When we were underway on the final cruise and her back was turned, I grabbed her and handcuffed her. I was afraid she would get mad. It is not my nature to hurt a woman. She was shocked but when I reminded her of the fantasy, she calmed.

When we were anchored in a secluded creek off the waterway, I took her to the mast and hooked a halliard to the cuffs and pulled it to lift her hands over her head.

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For a while, I sat on the foredeck and stared at her. She was asking what I was going to do. She was excited and a little apprehensive. I took off her blouse and shorts and stared at her in her bra and panties. Eventually, I took them off and relished staring at her.

I eased the halliard so she could kneel and rammed it in her mouth, forcefully, holding her head and thrusting deep ordering her to suck with all she had.

Before I came, I stopped and stood her back up. I got a bottle of hand lotion and started rubbing it on her until she was oily. When I turned her to face the mast and started to rub the lotion on her ass, she realized.

I rubbed lotion on her ass and played with her glorious cheeks. When my finger hit the hole, she yelped. I slowly pushed into her and it was incredibly tight. She yelped and squealed but didn’t resist.

The sensation was unbelievable. I lifted her and spread her legs with my thighs and thrust slowly while my finger massaged her clit. When she came it was overwhelming. She was limp and I came in her.

I has to release the halliard because she couldn’t stand. I kept her cuffed and told her she was my sex slave. We wore each other out in various positions.

I saw her a few times after that, in the grocery store and at a concert. She always grinned and once, she said that being my prisoner that night was the best sex she’d ever had, but she married her new guy a year later and we never did anything after that night.

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It was years ago, and sometimes I replay the night in my dreams. I’m happily married now and am not unfaithful. Sometimes I would love a night like that with my wife but it’ll never happen.

I’ve never told this to anyone but just felt like telling it anonymously. If you ever read this, I just wanted you to know it is a cherished memory.

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