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Must Haves To Build A Successful Online Business

Must Haves for a Successful Online Business
Must Haves for a Successful Online Business
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From our experience and survey of the many online businesses, we are convinced and with much surety that there are 5 core basic Must Haves to Build A Successful Online Business. From getting a website to creating an email list is vital for online success.

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For a successful online business, you need a website, a real website not just a collection of landing pages where you put all of your offers. Your website serves as the centre of your virtual empire and a home for your brand.

Digital “first impression” and a cornerstone that tells the world that you are a legitimate online business. One that can be found. One that you can communicate with. One that has a personality.


Content is king and the winners online, at least these days, are the ones that provide exceptional value ahead of any expected return. It has instead been replaced with providing value ahead of promotion. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying don’t try to sell your products and services, not at all. I am saying to lead first with value and establish confidence and trust. There will be plenty of time to sell your products and services once that trust is established.


What does your “real world” personal brand look like? The kind of clothes do you wear? How is your hair cut? Words and phrases do you use? Are you fun and playful or serious?

All of that works together to form an “impression” of you, your brand.

It is the same online. Why do people pay so much money for and spend so much time on logos? Because they are THAT important. The colours and fonts you use as well as the imagery and words you use any and everywhere people look online create their impression of your business. If people come to your website and it doesn’t look good, they are gone!

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Social Media

Here is where you would expect me to go on a 2,000 word rant about why using social media is so important and tell you exactly which sites you should be on and why, right?

I am not.

If you haven’t figured out that social media is the single most important thing to happen in the online world in the last 10 years, then I am never going to convince you that NOW is the time to go “all in” on developing a sustainable social media presence.

The customers are on social media, the competition is also on social media talking to those customers. Either you start talking to them soon or they won’t be your customers for long.

An Email List

Yep, good old fashioned email still has, by far, the greatest ROI of any online marketing tool. Also, your email list is the only real customer-related marketing asset that you truly own. I have over 800,000 entrepreneurs who follow my different social media presences. Having 125,000+ list subscribers, approximately 90%+ of my total annual revenue comes from my list, not my social media sites.

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