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Must Haves for a Successful Online Shop

requirements for online shop success
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The old school trend of shop ownership being the brick and mortar type is not becoming a fantasy for the trendy, up and coming millennial but rather a online shop.

The establishment of a online shop has become a less expensive, less stressful and could be exciting when the right directives are adhered to.

Sell What you Love and Adored by Others as a Solution
Successful online shop marketing plan

Selling products or services has everything to do with the passion with which you make people love to buy it. People want solutions to a problem and looking to satisfy a need. The greatest sales remains to be those done against the backdrop of helping solve society’s problems. For online success, consider providing solutions rather than just putting price tags on goods and services.

Provide a secured platform for transactions

Shoppers feel comfortable and would return or recommend your shop if they felt secured upon visit. With cyber fraud on the rise, visitors feel at ease providing credit card information, email, phone number as well as physical address as required for a transaction in an online shop or will decline to make a purchase knowing the website is not secured.

security for successful online shop
Customer Making a Purchase on a Secured Online Shop

Luckily technological advancement has led to e-commerce giants like Shopify provide the service of allowing users own and operate shops on their ultra-secured platforms.

However, providing SSL Certificate is a way to secure your visitors information. Most often, hosting and domain service providers such as GoDaddy, Hostgator, Kingscel(We recommend this Hosting and Domain Cloud Service Provider) among others make available SSL Management as a package when you buy hosting.

Not too long ago did Woo Commerce partner with Facebook to upgrade how business pages’ shops operate on the Facebook platform. Not only has Woo Commerce carved a niche for being experts in providing the platform for the development of e-commerce, they own 28% of online shops, but Facebook as a ready source of potential customers provides that secured platform and also accept payments through their messenger services amidst a host marketing opportunities to grow your online shop.

Have the reputation as a Customer-Focused Entity

Building a customer focused reputation is a must for online shop success; besides people would buy from places they feel appreciated and get their monies worth with respect and love.

Providing a face to the online shop is by allowing the option of a live chat and if for a Facebook powered shop, the Facebook messenger provides the opportunity to seamlessly stay connected with your clients in an up to the second time-frame without having to employ the services of a customer service representative handling live chats.

customer focused for successful online shop
A Customer Focused Strategy

This is an effective and efficient way of getting customer queries promptly and easily attended to as they are informed about your inventory in order to make timely purchase decisions.

Facebook also provides you with the options to leave an “away message” which could be used as an option to direct customers to reach out through an email, phone call, WhatsApp text, a mailing address or a physical location as would a regular website for your shop.

Providing the option of redirects to Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) page is another way for visitors to find useful help without feeling stranded upon their visit.

With the above, we urge you to expand your level of engagement with your visitors for a guaranteed success of your online shop.

Have a Mobile Friendly, Highly Responsive and Visually Enticing Page(s)

Mobile is the new evolution for accessing the internet as over 60% of the internet traffic is through our phones or portable devices. The choice of your colors or graphics as design for your website or platform that hosts your shop to ensure visitors are enticed to browse or revisit is as important as the sales you make.

responsive website for successful online shop
A fully responsive, mobile friendly, visually enticing theme for a shop

A pleasing sight, easy to read and memorize is a guarantee for an online experience for the shopper. A periodic switch up of the look and feel of your shop’s page or website is a sure way to allow your visitors coming to a fresh outlook and a guaranteed recommendation to others.

Let Social Media Sum up your Efforts

The most influential and dominating as well as a helpful way to get your shop to deliver sales for you is your social media presence. A way to communicate with your customers, get leads and convert new customers as well as grow a community around your brand or shop is undeniably your social media presence. Your engagement with your followers on social media provides you with the resource to make product or service adjustments as well as develop content that works than just running adverts that is detached from the needs of the society for which your efforts are to provide a solution.

social media for successful online shop
Use of Social Media for Shop Boost and Engagement

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