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Meet Gabriel King Akpalu – The Ghanaian EduPreneur Motivating Students

Gabriel King Akpalu
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AFROSAGES has for while always been on the lookout for real change agents in our society, particularly the ones at the forefront of Entrepreneurship and Education, luckily our scribes caught up with Gabriel King Akpalu; the Ghanaian Edupreneur on the quest of Motivating Students.

The AFROSAGES scribe caught up with Mr Gabriel King Akpalu on one of his notable seminars in the University of Ghana where had just finished talks with a section of the students on the Topic “What I Wish I Knew Before Exiting University(WIWK-BEU)”.

Gabriel King Akpalu - The Ghanaian EduPreneur

We had a quick interview to learn more about this great personality, a true Ghanaian EduPreneur. It was an opportunity to get into the mind and reasoning of what it means to be in his shoes, we share the details with you below.

AFROSAGES Interviews Gabriel King Akpalu, the Ghanaian EduPreneur

AFROSAGES: For our readers who aren’t familiar with Mr Gabriel King Akpalu, briefly tell us a little bit about yourself and how it is you came into the calling of being an EduPreneur?

Gabriel King Akpalu: Gabriel King Akpalu is the Executive President and Founder of SOLNetwork, an organization in Accra-Ghana which is building strategic support systems to improve the machinery of education, leadership and national development.

I am Transformational Speaker and has thought leadership in matters of business leadership, education, that is strategic student development, personal development and team leadership.

I handle Business Advisory, Marketing Consultancy, African Entrepreneurship think-tank, a Government Consultant and a Strategic Leadership Expert.

I host Transformational Seminars on (WIWIK-BLU (What I Wish I knew Before Leaving University), WIWIK-BEU (What I Wish I knew Before Entering University) and WIWIK-BESH (What I Wish I Knew Before Entering SHS) which seeks to help students get the best out of the academic environment and the academic systems. 

I authored the book “Academic Excellence Book” and also serve as the Chairman for the SOLNetwork Mentorship Group(SMG), a student mentorship programme targeted towards all levels of the educational ladder in the Ghanaian Educational system.

For my upbringing, I am a proud Alumni of Mawuli School, Ho and the University of Professional Studies, Accra.

AFROSAGES: Very well, it seems you have left out the core of what we want our readers to grasp about who you are.
So, help us understand what I means to be an EduPreneur.

Gabriel King Akpalu: * Laughs*, AFROSAGES is about to take me to school describing my role in this change and transformation environment.

AFROSAGES: Not at all, Sir. Just for the readers to understand the kind of job you are into.

Gabriel King Akpalu: Well, An Edupreneur is a Knowledge Entrepreneur who designs a solution filling in the identified gaps in the value chain of education. Such an individual is tasked with identifying new skill-sets for the various industrial dynamism and corporate trends and has firm grips on training and consultancy to be able to cause the needed changes.

An EduPreneur works on bridging the gap between the academia and the corporate world through research and training.

AFROSAGES: So, can I for the record call you a Ghanaian EduPreneur?

Gabriel King Akpalu: The kind of jobs I do, being addressed as the Ghanaian Edupreneur best describes my initiative in the Educational Sector of Ghana.

AFROSAGES: Gabriel King Akpalu is a Ghanaian Edupreneur.

Gabriel King Akpalu: “Gives a wink”! Sure, I am.

AFROSAGES: In your experience of having to deal with students and being well aware of the challenges of the Ghanaian Educational System, in a sentence describe the problem and how we can get out of it.

Gabriel King Akpalu: All is not lost, so let’s not dash the hopes yet.

The is a huge gap right from the Pre-High School into the Post-Tertiary levels of education in Ghana. A number of University students live scholarly-unpurposeful lives making them deficient of academic excellence hence graduates who leave University underdeveloped and half-baked to baffle with the bane of unemployment.

Our focus, as EduPreneurs at SOLNetwork is creating an enabling environment for the student to be corporately equipped and possess the right attitude against all the odds and unprecedented situations of the world of work .

This is the backdrop which introduces WIWK-BEU and seeks to “get fresh University Students, the foundational guidance, orientation and mentorship of the corporate world and the expectations from employers and entrepreneurs”.

AFROSAGES: This is very much a detailed description of Ghanaian Educational Challenges. What therefore would be a key benefit of a student passing through your WIWK-BEU Seminar?

Gabriel King Akpalu: WIWIK-BEU gives students a competitive edge to develop their soft skills and be on a strategic edge of the employment demand curve.

The transformational seminars organised under the umbrella of WIWIK-BEU focuses on areas such as Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and its use in the employment workspace, Academic Excellence, Entrepreneurship and Savings and Investment among others.

AFROSAGES: Who are the main speakers for these Seminars or does SOLNetwork possess all these Human Resources for the transformational process?

Gabriel King Akpalu: The facilitators are CEOs, Heads of Diplomatic Missions (Ambassadors), Senior Executives, HR Experts, Academic Excellence Consultants, and a host of carefully selected Lecturers and Alumni Entrepreneurs from the various institutions.

AFROSAGES: Does that mean that is a road show sort from on institution to the other?

Gabriel King Akpalu: Myself and the SOLNetwork have scheduled to hit every educational institution creating the awareness and inspiring the needed transformation across Ghana. We are on daily basis faced with challenges on issues of cooperation from the institutions, time factor as well as resources. We however rely on support from corporate Ghana to push us through with the transformational agenda. We are grateful to AFROSAGES for this interview knowing very well it will reach a new set of audience and support group.

Gabriel King Akpalu

AFROSAGES: Is there anything you would know want the Ghanaian Student or the parents with the wards in school to know to equip them for the AI predicted future in order for them not to be left out?

Gabriel King Akpalu: Just as my life mission statement reads: “to give insight and understanding to the world in leadership, education, personal, business and national development through speaking, writing and transformational leadership.” I want to urge the parents and the students to keep up building knowledge because we only stop learning when we die.

AFROSAGES: **Shakes hands with Gabriel King Akpalu**
Thanks for your time and we look forward to joining the next seminar to catch up on what I wish I knew before leaving the university!

To contact Gabriel King Akpalu for consultancy services and speaking engagements please send him an email here:

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