Mark’s “Ok, You Can Put Your Clothes Back On” Experience.

Years ago, we’d gone out to a bar with a bunch of guys.I was at home sitting in my office, working on the computer. I was a bit hungover.My buddy Mark came walking in – he didn’t even knock.


We were all that close. We just sort off drifted to each other’s places.

He sat on my couch and put his arms behind his head.

He had gone home with a girl the night prior. It had been a rather eventful evening.

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Out of the blue, some chick had just jumped on him. It was like she was due to get one in and just randomly selected him at the bar. It was rather awesome.

Bloom Bar

One minute Mark is standing with the group of us. I blink, and he’s in the corner making out with some girl, pressed up into a corner.

It was weirdly fortuitous for him, or so I thought.

So – back in my office:

I’m sitting across from him. Smiling. Pressing him for details on what happened.

Pressing him for details. The girl had been rather attractive. I wanted the details. I have no shame in gossiping about such things.

I want to hear it all.

So – he starts talking about it. But he has this sick feeling on his face – I knew something interesting was about to happen.

Mark says they are having sex and she is saying, “Oh yeah….oh yeah….oh give it to me Jeff. Give it to me Jeff.”

That’s when I smiled. She’d called him someone else’s name. But – who cares? It sounds like a one night stand. They just met. It wasn’t their wedding night.

Mark said he stopped and said, “Uhh….who is Jeff?”

She then says, “Sorry – that’s my dad’s name. Keep going.”

That’s when my eyes went wide.

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Of course, I had to ask – “So…did you keep going?”

To which he said – “Nah. It was a wrap at that point.”

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