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Mama’s Special Tom Brown

Tom Brown had never been easier to prepare and tasted so much better until my first-hand experience with Mama’s Special Tom Brown from Elemsi Foods. With salt already added in its processing stage to taste, smooth texture, nutrients, and vitamins packed in a single meal, it is simply delicious. One of its kind and really special indeed.

You may have come across it on social media but if you haven’t then check out this video of a kid enjoying Mama’s Special Tom Brown.

Elemsi Foods – Mama’s Special Tom Brown

This is not a hype session on Tom Brown but a focus on an Emerging Business, a real entrepreneurial budding success story you need to read about and patronize. AFROSAGES takes you close to the person and the process involved in the making of the product Mama’s Special Tom Brown.

Welcome to the Elemsi Foods Ghana Limited run by Miss Charlotte Appiah; a fashion designer, entrepreneur and a personality much enthusiastic about healthy foods for healthy living.

Her strong personality is the passion behind the formulation of Mama’s Special Tom Brown. Though is it a common food that is sold in every market and shops, Charlotte’s Mama Special assures of the right ingredients, minerals, and vitamins for the body’s daily health and growth needs.

Processing and Packaging

Mama’s Special Tom Brown is made from carefully selected assortment of wholegrain wheat, high-grade soybeans and quality rice sourced directly from the local farms.

Roasted to preserve a greater portion of the natural nutrients and vitamins, then milled under clean and hygienic conditions you are assured of the best quality. Essential vitamins are added for fortification. Mama’s Special is neatly stored and sealed in containers and packaged for delivery.

Mama’s Special has three main packaged sizes; 700g, 1.5kg and 3kg at very affordable prices and with delivery arrangements convenient to your locations.

elemsi tom brown
How and Where Can I Get Mama’s Special?

Mama’s Special is fast gaining listing across the country and can also be bought on request through Elemsi Foods Facebook Page or with a Direct Call or WhatsApp Text to Charlotte.

Get Social with Elemsi Foods

Grab yourself one container of this goodness and health and be kind to spread the word. Also tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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