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Make Money With Your Creative Talent

Creative Talent
Image by Charles Nambasi from Pixabay
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A lot of people have creative talents that they do not even realize are talents or that they can get paid off such talent. Example is someone who’s very good at doing impressions of other people, they do not realize they could be the next Jay Pharaoh. To them it just something funny.

Example of such people is my friend Aaron, Aaron is very good at doing impressions of other people and it cracks me up till this day. Sometimes he wasn’t even trying to be funny, maybe a customer had just badly priced his market, immediately the customer leaves, The Aaron Comedy Show begins, it’s amazing how he gets such people spot on.

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If only he knew he could get paid doing just that, but Aaron is set in his ways now and there’s no changing that. He’ll continue to make us laugh for free.

Creative Talent
Image by PDPics from Pixabay

But maybe you’re somebody like Aaron. You don’t have to forgo the monetary benefits that could come with having such a talent and I’m here to tell you how to make money off your talents. Whatever it is your talent is, you can get paid for it. That’s the purpose of this article.


Models, Actors, Dancers, Singers, Magicians, Contortionists, Creative Conceptualisators (your imagination is very adept at creating characters), Cinematographers, Make Up Artists, Camera, Fashion, Illustration, Music production, Voice over artists, etc.

Whatever your talent is, whatever creative endeavour you partake in, whether professionally or on an amateur level. You can get paid for doing just that. There’s nothing as fulfilling as getting paid for your talent/hobby.

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There’s this information gap between talent owners and people who need their talents, especially in a country like Ghana where all we know is football and music, other people who are creatively gifted might not even realize their talent is worthy of getting paid for.

This gap exists and as such people who have talents rarely get the opportunity to meet people who need the talents. So someone who’s good at character conceptualisation (who can think up different characters to fit a movie theme) might never get the opportunity to express such talents. This is where Creative Talent Hubb comes in. (

Creative Talent Hubb is like Uber, but for your talent. You have a talent? You would be linked with someone that needs it and most importantly, that’ll pay you for it, both locally and internationally, i first heard of them when a introduced to them by a friend who thought I could be making money off my writing skills. I have gotten 2 gigs, both paid ( I have a non disclosure) since i joined them in December.

And this year, one of my main resolutions who to put myself out there more and help as many people as i can in anyway i can, so i bring this to you. That information gap is effectively closed once you join (

If you have a talent or a skills, they’ll help you find those willing to pay for it. And the best part is, they do not charge any percentage on any job gotten through them. I only had to pay $9 for a whole year, sent them a sample of my writing and that was it.

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The other option is to pay $1/month. For this price you also get full benefit but for only a month. And that money is too small for what they offer. I believe they are legit only interested in helping people, especially Africans who suffer the most from this info gap.

Check this YouTube video out on how to become a member.

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