sexual fantasies

Madam K’s Wildest Sexual Fantasies.

I was in my mid thirties and had a female friend who was nuts. We had sex fairly often. She cooked up the craziest idea to hide me in a closet and invite two women in their early thirties over for beer. She said she’d get them to tell her what their wildest sexual fantasies were and that I should do them.

I thought she was crazy but I was titillated by the idea. So I sat in the coat closet with the door cracked.


The conversation started slowly with my friend gently led it but telling her fantasy and slowly embellishing it.

On of the women, I’ll call K, fantasized about being grabbed in her house, blindfolded and tied to the bed.

sexual fantasies
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The other, I’ll call M, first initials for both, fantasized about being grabbed outside while she was hiking, being stripped and tied to trees and fucked really hard.

My friend got them to describe their fantasies in detail , by describing her own in detail. When they left, I came out of the closet and my friend encouraged me to do it with K first. I was unsure, afraid I’d be charged criminally but my friend assured me she’d step in. She wanted to be there to watch without them knowing. She was crazy and this was really turning her on.

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We went to K’s house and the back door was unlocked. My friend hid in a spare bedroom and I hid in a closet beside the front door. I had a smooth kitchen knife and had a strip of duct tape inside the door.

When K came home, she turned to lock the door and I grabbed her put the knife at her neck. I said that if she didn’t resist, she wouldn’t get hurt. She asked what I wanted and I said she’d see. I got the strip of duct tape and covered her eyes.

She was trembling but didn’t act too scared. I reassured her that if she did what I said, i wouldn’t hurt her.

I spun her around a couple of times so she wouldn’t know which direction she was facing and led her into the living room.

I was behind her and said I wanted to see more of her. I started pulling her blouse up to untucked it and she asked if I planned to tape her. I said no, that she was going to beg me. She asked if I’d been talking to my friend who’d set this up. I acted like I didn’t know her but I could tell that K was suspicious.

I unbuttoned her blouse and I could tell she wasn’t so reluctant. I unhooked her Jean’s and she asked if I was sure I wasn’t going to hurt her.

She looked so vulnerable in her bra and panties with her eyes duct taped.

I slid my hands over her bare skin and was throbbing with the feeling of power. I moved my hands to her neck and tilted her head back and the thrill of this control was unbearable. I put my index finger in her mouth and told her to suck it.

I guided her to her bedroom and tied her, spread eagle to her bed. She kept saying she thought my friend had to be involved.

When she was tied, I asked if she had a vibrator and she said no. I told her she was lying and she admitted that she did. I got it from her bedside table.

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I found scissors and climbed onto the bed. I said she had nice looking tits and I wanted to see them. I sniped the straps and pulled them down the cups flipped over leaving them exposed.. I lightly licked a nipple and she seemed to lift it toward me.

I moved and licked her bellybutton and she inhaled sharply. I moved down and kissed the front of her panties and she jerked.

I moved up and licked her neck and then took a breast into my mouth forcefully. She was trashing as I sucked it hard.

I turned the vibrator on and moved it over her stomach as I toyed with her nipples with my mouth. I’d move the vibrator to the clit area and then away until she was going nuts.

Soon she was whispering please, when I rubbed it on the front of her panties. When she was almost pleading, I told her that she had to ask me to let her suck my cock.

She immediately did. I stood and stripped. I knelt on her chest and lifted her head and she licked it and took it into her mouth. She was good and the fact that she was tied and had to do whatever I wanted added to the thrill.

I moved down and kissed her tummy and licked her as I slid the vibrator up and down the front of her panties until she was frantic.

I said I wanted her to ask me to cut her panties off and beg me to fuck her. She immediately asked me to do it. I cut the straps and slowly pulled her pants from under her.

I got between her legs and gently licked. She was crazy with desire and I turned the vibrator on and slipped it up and down and took turns licking and running the vibrator on her.

I could tell she was about to really come so I stopped. Just laying there and occasionally blowing on her. She was bucking and trying to make contact and saying please do it. When she started nearly screaming, please fuck me. I sat up and moved close between her legs. I lifted her thighs over my legs and she could feel the head at her entrance. I made her beg some more before I slid it in.

She was trashing and squealing and begging me to fuck her hard. After a few thrust into her incredibly soft willing flesh, i pulled out and she nearly went crazy. I put her pillows under her ass and slid back in. With this angle, i could thrust my hips and shove into her with power. I could also vary the angle and cause her to scream.

sexual fantasies
Sexual Fantasies [Photo: Universal Pictures ]

She came a couple of times before I couldn’t hold any longer.

When I went to the bathroom, she said she needed to go also. I untied her and tied her hands behind her. I led her to the toilet and she didn’t want to go while I watched. But she did. She said it wasn’t necessary to keep her hands tied, but I had one more idea.

We rested a few minutes and she kept saying she thought my friend was involved and I acted like I didn’t know who she was talking about.

When we had rested for some few minutes, I was already getting hard again looking at her blind folded and with her hands tied behind her.

I stood her up and put my hands on her shoulders and pushed until she was on her knees. The erotic power is indescribable as I looked down and watched her take me into her mouth. She was captive and using her mouth to give pleasure.

I pulled her away before I came, lifted her, piled the pillows at the foot of the bed and bent her over them. She looked delicious bent over, her hands tied, her ass lifted by the pillows.

sexual fantasies
sexual fantasies.

I pushed back into her and from this angle, could really ram in various angles. She was squealing and squirming and moaning and urging me on. As I was about to finish, I saw my friend quietly leave the spare bedroom and leave.

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I loosened the rope so she could get free in a few minutes. I told her that if she forgot to lock her back door, I might intrude again.

A few days later my friend said she had talked to K and K was sure she was involved. My friend denied it but K told her the back door was never going to be locked. She told my friend all about it and said it was even better than her fantasy.

The other woman, M’s sexual fantasies is another story and maybe I’ll write about it sometime. Meanwhile K if you read this, now you know it was a setup.

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