Gospel Truth

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He Created all Things

Ever wondered if truly God created the Earth? The universe? Yes, He created all things...Yahweh created the heavens, the earth and the host of them. "For thus says...

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God is Love

God doesn't just throw around Love, but rather God is Love. He is very intentional about our lives to the extent that before we were even conceived He...

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Worship the Lord Always

The duty of man is to Worship the Lord always, but do we find it necessary? Are we too busy that we cannot find the time and the...

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Give Thanks to the Lord

Why should you give thanks to the Lord? I know it feels good to be entitled and accorded the accolade of an achievement, but have you ever taken...

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Cheerful Giver

Is it true that God loves a Cheerful Giver? Have you ever been in need and out of no where help came, help from an unknown and unexpected...

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