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Life Lessons from Elton

Life Lessons From Elton
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I have a friend called Elton. Elton has a quality I admire very much but which I know “can never be me”. Wherever Elton goes, whoever Elton meets. Elton is able to strike up a conversation. From these, I picked up Life Lessons from Elton.

It doesn’t matter who the person is or under what conditions Elton finds himself. He’s able to start some kind of conversation with the person.

I met Elton in a camp and although he’s more feminine for a male, he’s able to go past that “gay” tag those kind of guys are labelled with and have a real genuine conversation.

Life Lessons From Elton

I admire his qualities because I know people like him make friends easily and impress themselves positively at first engagement. Life lessons from Elton, my friend, taught me things about myself.

As a guy who’s always almost wrongfully tagged arrogant, or proud at first sight, which immediately makes people put their guards up or have some kind of bad impression about me without ever talking to me or engaging me.

Funny story: My university where I graduated posted pictures of all the graduands and a lot of people were saying their congratulations in the comments section on Facebook. One particular comment from someone I had never spoken to or engaged with before struck me. He wrote “Congratulations to everybody except that proud guy power”. Power is what most of my old friends call me.

I had never spoken to this person. I don’t even know him, but somehow he managed to convince himself wrongly that I was a proud person. Most of my friends say the same. “Guy when I first saw you, I didn’t like you at all, you looked proud and arrogant”.

People feel threatened by me naturally, something I hate. People feel like I’m the tough guy they have to overcome in order to win everyone else’s respect. This has happened throughout my life, and in different situations.

I absolutely hate it but didn’t know how to change it. This makes me think, “If I was like more like Elton and could immediately strike up a relationship, my life would be so much easier”. I have tried, I suck at it. It is pretentious at best when I try to be that guy.

I have also met people who like me for this quality, they see it as what it is, confidence, maybe cocky but nothing offensive. Just a guy who walks with his chest out and his head straight and has the propensity to take up more space than normal. I guess that’s just my part and I have learnt to work with it.

Life Lessons From Elton
Life Lessons From Elton

I know I won’t get any freebies in this life because I just don’t inspire that kind of action in people. So I overcompensate at being my best self. You may not like me, but you will respect me. Although I guess for guys like Elton, you may not respect them but you’ll like them. This are the life lessons from Elton.

We all just play our parts and try to make the best out of the hands life has dealt us. Own your space, stay humble and true to yourself and you will play your designated part to serve your called purpose.
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