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Let’s Stop These Predatory Behaviours

Predatory Behaviours
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Predatory Behaviours – A girl dancing at a party on her own, you walk up to her, grab her waist like she belongs to you, start grinding her, your hands begin to roam until they grope her boobs, rather too tightly… and when she moves away, you brand her “names” because you were just having fun.

Predatory Behaviours

“And she shouldn’t be at a party if she doesn’t want to be rocked anyway, because that’s being boring.”
If you’re guilty of this, I want to tell you that that behaviour is predatory, borderline harassment and of course, very disgusting. 

Now, it’s okay if the lady decides to dance with you.

What is not okay is when she expresses that she has no interest, but you refuse to take the cue and walk away like a gentleman! No. You keep hoarding her at every chance you get and when she finally puts her feet down, you go ahead to jeer at her. 

Even worse when you flock with birds of your feather and they join you in shaming her for choosing not to dance with you. 

Should we even talk about the ones that would go in packs? Four guys grinding one babe on all sides. Like nigga, yo! What’s up now?

But many Ghanaian men are guilty of this (myself included) so I understand if we don’t want to have this discussion, not to mention accepting that it’s wrong.

I don’t know though. Y’all aren’t tired of being basic men? Have some self respect, enough to walk away with your heads high when a lady says no.

Predatory Behaviours
Predatory Behaviours – Walk away when a girl says no

And I hope you ladies can also express this decorum when men refuse to dance with you. 

Too many of you think men should be grateful, should jump at every bit of attention you pay their way just because you are “goddesses, cannot be refused, and the ground you walk on must be kissed.”

All these things, we dey do am without plenty reason but those are days of “we no know better”. Now that we do, let’s change.

Now, if you want to misunderstand and attack, feel free to do so. But stop these predatory behaviours.

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