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It took you less than 3 seconds to load this website! Be advised, it’s not AFROSAGES performing any magic; we are signed on to KINGSCEL for fast and secure cloud hosting! Want same? Then Click or Tap Here!

Would you be kind to answer the following questions?
  • Are you having trouble with security for your site?
  • Do you know a slow website turns readers and clients away?
  • Who is your Hosting and Domain Provider?
  • Are you on a Shared/Dedicated or Cloud Server?
Kingscel for speed
  • As a developer or business, are you concerned about the prices of the hosting companies for the cheapest?
  • Are you concerned about the features and products for security and speed?

Whatever your answers were, and whoever you are signed with, I trust you are getting value for money with security and speed guaranteed. But if not, allow AFROSAGES Emerging Business to take you through the amazing offers, products and services of KINGSCEL.

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The world of technology is fast growing and it will be important to make a commitment to the technology that is flexible and can stand the test of time. KINGSCEL’s dynamism with evolving technology guarantees you a future for growth and profitability.

kingscel overview

KINGSCEL offers the fastest and secure cloud hosting for websites and apps with hosting packages built on a private cloud(first of its kind in Ghana) giving each client dedicated resources at their disposal. These packages are specifically built and optimized for high blazing speed and security that automatically enables your website, in particular, to load in less than 3 seconds.

What does KINGSCEL offer to give you a fast and secure cloud hosting?
  • Free(LIFETIME) Domain: Purchase any hosting package and enjoy a free(lifetime) domain on .com, .net and .org
  • SSD Storage protected by RAID10: High-speed solid-state drives allow for quick performance and high reliability. Raid 10 combines striping(1) and mirroring(0) giving you high reliability, secured and fast retrieval of data.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth:  Utilize as many amount of bandwidth as you wish. Their servers are optimized for high traffic so no need to worry.
  • Litespeed Webserver: Performance up to 9x faster than Apache. Securely handles thousands of concurrent clients while consuming minimal memory and CPU, conserves resources without sacrificing performance, security, compatibility, with built-in anti-DDoS features.
  • Free & Auto SSL: Increase your site security with let’s encrypt SSL certificate. This helps secure the connection between websites and your visitors for secured transactions on your website.
  • Imunify 360:  Uses herd immunity and the unique, proactive approach to provide total protection against known and unknown attacks. It stops even the malware that scanners are unable to detect.
  • Maria DB: MariaDB turns data into structured information in a wide array of applications, ranging from banking to websites. It is an enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL. MariaDB is used because it is fast, scalable and robust, with a rich ecosystem of storage engines, plugins, and many other tools that make it very versatile for a wide variety of use cases.
  • Cloudflare(CDN + Railgun) : CloudFlare provides a global content delivery network and security features to help load your website with ease and provide quality protection.
  • Cloudlinux: CloudLinux allocates dedicated server resources, like RAM, CPU, I/O etc for each account (Cpanel). With KINGSCEL, each account is allocated with 1CPU core, 1GB physical Ram, 2GB vRam etc.
  • 99.99% Uptime: Highly dependable cloud servers with no downtime. Check out their uptime monitor here!
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  • 30 Days Money Back: If you feel KINGSCEL isn’t for you within 30 days they will give you back your money, open a ticket to their sales department and within the shortest timeframe, you have your money back!
  • Nightly Backups: They back up each cPanel account once every night. Along with their integration with Cpremote, customers are able to instantly access their backed up data with the click of a mouse. Restore the entire /home/ directory, email, or a single file without having to submit a ticket!


Customer Service Quality?

24/7 support: Having issues or need help configuring your account, no need to panic, their support team is always available. They provide live chat and a support ticket system. Hit them up and get your issuesf fixed in less minutes.

Check out their cpanel demo HERE which offers three visual appeals to suit the user’s preference!

With an ever evolutionary mindset, they provide other services like web design & development, software development, etc. They also have a team of high experts ready to meet your needs.

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Visit their website @ or send them an e-mail on or check out their blog here!

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Join KINGs and experience Excellence! – KINGSCEL!

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