Blocking Instagram Ads From Your Feed

Instagram Ads; How To Block Them From Your Feed

Instagram ads are annoying right? What if I told you I’ve found a way of preventing ads in your feed, would you believe me? I haven’t seen any ad in my feed on Instagram for the past 18 months. The question you’re asking yourself right now is “How is that possible?”

This is how you can prevent ads from popping up in your feed. It only takes a few steps, no matter what operating system you are using. Simply hide it and report it. Every Instagram addict knows of the reporting tool the app has. The three dots that are on the right side of your feed, beside the usernames.

If a post had “Sponsored” below its username, just click on the three dots to reveal a menu of why you don’t want to see the ad. You’ve got a few choices: Either the ad’s not relevant or you’ve seen it too often. I normally select the not relevant option.

Blocking Instagram Ads

Completely Remove Ads From Instagram Feed

  1. Identify the sponsored ads correctly it is always written in the sponsored ad that is “sponsored“. Observe 3 dots. It will appear on the top right corner.
  2. Tap on ““.
  3. And then a window appear showing “Hide This” option.
  4. Tap on “Hide This“.
  5. Then you will be asked that “Why don’t you want to see this ad?
  6. Select “It’s inappropriate“.
  7. Selecting other 2 option will just hide it. For removing ads completely select the inappropriate option.
  8. Just execute the above process for each and every ad that you come across for about a week.
  9. This kind of activity will lead to the removal of ads completely from your Instagram feed.


It’s not against Instagram’s user terms to hide the ads. In fact, Instagram even details how to hide ads that you think aren’t relevant to you, are shown too often, or are inappropriate. 

The same trick works on ads in between Instagram Stories, too. 

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