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Incredible Zigi outdoors Ena Dance Step

CEO of AFROZIG Movement; Incredible Zigi created a new dance step called 'Ena'.

Incredible Zigi outdoors 'Ena" Dance Step
Incredible Zigi outdoors 'Ena" Dance Step
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Leader of the AFROZIG Dance Movement, Incredible Zigi has created and outdoored a new dance step he calls Ena.

‘Ena’; a popularly used Akan language conjunction which translates to English as “and”. Ghanaians always tell tales and puts a twist to their stories with “Ena”. This makes the narratives more juicy and interesting and this is what Incredible Zigi Dance crew, the AFROZIG laid out.

The Ena Dance Step is an expressive moves that enjoins the other moves in any dance.

Ena Dance adds to the record three(3) successful dance steps created by Incredible Zigi after his “Pilolo” and “Kupe” Dance Steps went viral and featured on Songs and in Games across the globe.

Are you an amateur or a professional dancer or choreographer, then dig into the video to check out the Ena Dance steps to lace into your known moves.

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