Include Cancer Treatment in NHIS Coverage-NGO to Ghana Government


Living Dreams Foundation(LDF), a Ghanaian non-profit organisation has called on the government of Ghana to include Cancer Treatment in the NHIS Coverage.

About Living Dreams Foundation

LDF which was founded in 2014 by Godsway Cudjo Ansah and Prince Senyo Kwasi Nyamadi aims at the raising of awareness for Cancer particularly in Ghanaian infants and adolescents. LDF has a broader vision to support all cancer patients financially, donate blood towards the medical needs of these cancer patients.


The foundation also positions itself to groom young individuals to discover and develop their God given abilities for the benefit of the large society.

Allow Cancer Patients to Access Full Treatment with NHIS

NHIS, the prime insurance provider to the Ghanaian has its challenges as to the number of facilities it can be accessed at and also the medical coverage. Amidst this, LDF has admonished the government to ensure that cancer treatment deserves an inclusion on the insurance scheme to be access by all patients.

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The call by this foundation is based on the fact that the cost of treatment for cancer is so unbearable to majority of parents and to have the treatment drugs or the basic medical check up services not on the NHIS is a worry.

September, World Cancer Month

Each year, the month of September has been set aside towards the generation of awareness for Cancer for which LDF has a series of activities lined up in bid to generate that awareness for the disease as well as support for persons living with the disease.

  • Media Tour raising awareness for childhood and adolescent cancers.
  • Blood donation(21st September, 2019 at the Achimota Retail Centre and 28th September 2019 at Accra Mall) with the Ghana Blood Bank.
  • Survivor’s dinner and fund raising to support treatment costs.
United for Cancer

One of the founders of LDF; Master Nyamadi a medical laboratory student is calling out to all to support the awareness for Cancer. He is an interview, added- “we are open to any willing and committed individuals to support the cause of awareness and treatment of the disease particularly in children and adolescents. To sign up to support this cause reach out via the chat box.

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